Add Luxury, Comfort & Shelter To Your Backyard With Aluminium Pergola

Add Luxury, Comfort & Shelter to your Backyard with Aluminium Pergola

Enhancing your patios or pavers with pergolas can always be a good idea! These charming and open-air structures have been in the market for a long time and are one of the hottest trends in landscaping. Pergolas come in different materials like wood, aluminium, vinyl. They act as a perfect shed or a framed terrace, especially in the Dubai weather. Being one of Dubai’s finest aluminium pergola developers, 800PERGOLA can help you transform your backyard with creative pergola structures.

Pergolas can be the perfect lounge space for friends and family to spend leisure time or can be a playroom for kids. These can be made to perfectly complement your current lifestyle. 

Aluminium Pergolas

Aluminium is an ideal construction material due to its light but sturdy and solid exterior. These pergolas offer a solution to most of the limitations in wood pergolas. They can be freestanding or attached to a building, may include canopies, or may be covered. With simplicity and practicality, these can provide shelter, comfort, and luxury at the same time.

How does an Aluminium pergola provide shelter?

  • The solid transparent roofs will save you from rain but let you enjoy the sunshine at the same time. Also, it can provide you with the right shade during the scorching hot months in Dubai.
  • With customization, it can match the wind rain sensors which means it can open or close depending on the weather.
  • The aluminium pergola is waterproof hence you can keep it open during rains without any problem or damage. It is also fire-resistant. Hence you get a long-lasting shade with no warping, cracking, splitting, or damage from termites.
  • With options to get more shade with cloth weavings, rafters, or lattice; you get to relax with the right amount of sunlight coming through.

How does an aluminium pergola provide comfort?

  • Aluminium pergola kits are easy to install. It can allow anyone to be easily constructed on-site, with no difficulty. It can also be dismantled easily if need be.
  • Aluminium is quite weather-resistant and can strive in fluctuating temperatures. It is resistant to corrosive salt in the rain, moisture, or coastal environment. hence you need not worry from time to time.
  • As aluminium material is powder coated, it is very durable and won’t need periodic repairs.
  • It is extremely easy to maintain. Cleaning it is never a task as a pressure hose or normal water and soap will do the work.
  • In the rare cases of a repair required, it is an easier and simple process. Since the parts are connected with nuts, plates, and bolts; it is convenient to replace a defective part.
  • Aluminium being easy to design, manufacturers and designers can include moving mechanisms for better functionality.

How does an aluminium pergola provide luxury?

  • Aluminium pergola offers maximum flexibility in terms of design and layout. With different sizes, you can find sleeker or narrower options with the same strength and durability.
  • The pergola is built with hollow sections in between, offering several options to allow electrical connections or harnesses to be routed through them. You can use several accessories to give them the perfect look.
  • It allows designers to be creative with poles, curves, arches, and other possibilities. Thinking about aluminium, don’t worry about the metallic appearance as it can be painted in different colours and given textures too. It can be customized with options like rotating louver blades, sliding glass tops, sliding glass tops, and others.
  • We offer various options like louver-style rafters, retractable roofs, standard rafter, or CNC cut designs. Your pergola can also be beautified with LED lights for a different feel at night.
  • Aluminium pergola is also made with decorative welded ends to give it an appealing look. 
  • If you miss the wood pergolas, aluminium can be painted in wood colours and textures. It helps in giving it the elegant look of wood but with durable features.
  • You could also create a lush setting with the help of climbing plants and vines. With the option of custom-made pergolas, you can define your own definition of luxury!

If it were a wood pergola, it may get damaged because of exposure to sun and rain for a long time. On the other hand, aluminium pergolas won’t need painting or touch-ups even after years. Wood pergolas may come in limited options of designing like carving, but aluminium ones have abundant options. These may be expensive than wood, but it definitely is worth it because of its long life.

Are you now convinced that aluminium pergolas are a great way to turn your backyard space into a hangout spot? Talk to our team of experts at 800PERGOLA, renowned pergola manufacturers in Dubai, and save your money and maintenance efforts with our premium quality aluminium pergolas.

We offer warranty products and endless structural configurations to suit your need. Contact us today to get all your questions answered and know the wide range of styles and prices that we offer.

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