Thermowood Pergola

Thermowood Pergola

800 PERGOLA brings you the best quality thermally modified hardwood and softwood to elevate your outdoor experience with a neo-modern touch. Just like its name suggests, the trending pergolas made out of thermowood bring along some impressive benefits. The material is treated explicitly under expert supervision to offer you durable pergolas with minimal moisture absorption. Due to their nature, these chocolate brown-colored lightweight pergolas are the best choice to add an exotic approach and make your space look attractive. The dark wooden appearance retains the flavor of wood aesthetics, and its lightweight allows easy installation too.

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Thermowood Pergola Developers in Dubai

While at 800 PERGOLA, we want to utilize wood in its most natural and ecological form, we are equally enthusiastic about applying wood technology to improve its attractiveness or function. Thermowood, sometimes known as thermally treated wood, is the most cutting-edge material available as it is becoming increasingly popular in Dubai, UAE, and across the world. Our material is baked and treated naturally at a temperature of more than 100 degrees, using non-toxic practices to remove organic compounds from the timber to offer you the best finish and solid structure with our thermowood pergolas.

Choosing the best Thermowood Pergola Designers in Dubai

You can upgrade your modern and traditional home with the essence of chocolate or grey with 800 PERGOLA. Our high-quality timber is thermally modified from tree species like Ash, Spruce, Pine, Frake, and Ayous to enhance its appearance. While the proper finishing can give you the perfect dark brown color, you can also leave it to the hands of nature to attain a greyer tone. Our lightweight thermowood pergolas are designed by experienced designers and experts that can fit in large and small spaces. They also assist in planning and adding elements like a coffee table, plants, and creepers to make your wooden pergola elevated and suit the environment.

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Often people confuse the look of a wooden and thermowood pergola. But with 800 PERGOLA at your service, it will not be a problem anymore. We offer a wide range of pergola designs explicitly crafted to cater to your needs and add a neo-modern approach to your property. Moreover, unlike wood, Thermowood is significantly more eco-friendly since it is treated with simply heat and water vapor rather than toxic chemicals. With us, you can get your timber processed in a controlled environment and high temperature by experts. The high temperature removes moisture content from the material reducing its weight and making it an enviable solution for less stable and high-moisture environments. We treat and design our thermowood pergolas to resist rot, mold, and insects, promising durability and strength along with top-notch thermowood Pergola sub-contractors in Dubai at the best rates.

Thermowood Pergola Manufacturers in Dubai

Thermowooden pergolas from 800 PERGOLA have a unique attraction as a material for an outdoor environment, not only due to their unusual color but also because of the wood’s natural scent. When you breathe in the fresh air and enjoy your outside area, a thermowood pergola provides a unique visual appearance and a pleasing smell that is non-toxic and environment-friendly. Thermowood, unlike pressure-treated wood, may be used in combination with metals. Metals entering touch with thermally changed wood do not corrode as much due to its reduced moisture content. At 800 PERGOLA, you can get dark to lighter shades of chocolate brown and even grey to add the rustic and countryside appeal to your backyard.

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