An overview on different types of Pergola & their benefits

Sunny weather carries everyone outdoors. Is your deck or Patio as tempting as you’d like it to be? Consider the Pergola if you are looking for a unique and affordable alternative to add to your outdoor space’s peculiar style. Pergolas is a pure structural feature that can ultimately intensify your Backyard’s attraction, contributing to functional advantages.
Visually, pergolas help design a peculiar space for socializing. People often place outdoor furniture under them, cook under them, or use them to hold weddings in the Backyard. Like many products, pergolas come in various materials, forms, sizes, and features. Below we’ll look at how to select that right Pergola for your Backyard and more exciting stuff.

Pergolas? What are they?

A pergola is an open-air arrangement that may be freestanding or connected to a home or building. It consists of an expansive structure grid of cross beams and rafters braced by columns and does not have any walls alongside. Pergolas can be spotted over gracing patios, gardens, and parks and can look more beautiful by decorating them with growing plants and flowers. Gazebos and Pergolas both produce a sheltered area to enjoy the outdoors, welcome guests, or have a rest in your garden, protecting yourself from direct sunshine.
Wooden pergolas and gazebos are of a customized design that can finish within extensive design options range varying in significant ways in shape, color shades, and roofing material to be used, same as with handcrafted logs in overall appearance. While pergolas are visually appealing, they hold many other benefits besides aesthetics.

Does Pergolas Produce Shelter?

A pergola can compose your outdoor space more enjoyable. It provides light in a while, also providing some shade. Experience a view of the sky without possessing direct sunshine pounding down on you and your guests.
If you like an entirely shaded section, you can combine an all-weather fabric shade protection or canopy to the top of the Pergola. For supplementary protection from the sun, wind, and other weather elements, furnish your Pergola a very romantic feel – you can also arrange fabric between the vertical posts.

Extend your garden

Pergolas are designed to be attractive on their own but are especially attractive when utilized as a trellis for overhanging plants and climbing plants and vines. Some of the most famous vines grown on pergolas include clematis, trumpet vine, climbing roses, ivy, and wisteria. Once the flowers fill in and spread on the roof of the Pergola, you’ll have a charming natural umbrella of shade, creating a lovely, peaceful retreat right on your Patio.

First off, do you know what the difference between a Gazebo, Pavilion, and a Pergola is?

The main distinction between a pergola and a gazebo is the purpose of the roof. A gazebo and a pavilion provide complete coverage from the sun, while a pergola permits sunlight to shine through its slatted roof. Ideally, a pergola offers partial shelter and shade over a garden, pathway, or Patio. The crisscrossed wooden top is an optimal space for plants and vines to rise. Meanwhile, a gazebo is a closed, preferred seating area in the Backyard that allows more protection from the elements. Once settling on a Gazebo or Pergola, here are amazing things to consider.

Are you a Traditional Pergola mortal?

A classically styled pergola offers beauty to an outdoor room. Design styles include columns and structural details. The craftsman is established with elegant features and built with four pillars and beams over the roof. A traditional pergola has timeless aesthetic value, never running out of fashion. One may define your design style as Traditional if words like “timeless” and “elegant” come up in your vocabulary quite often. Because of the constant siding color or light masonry exterior of typical conventional homes, a brownish or Woodgrain vinyl pergola serves best.
Having an original color for your Pergola also allows versatility within the design. So whether it is a simplistic garden pergola or an outdoor kitchen statement piece, the neutral colors of classical design will complement the range without stealing the spotlight for themselves.

Are you a Modern Pergola mortal?

Out of all the various pergolas available, this one is turning out to be an all-time favorite for new generations! For those who like to “live in the lead” and maintain membership in the social trendsetter’s club, a white vinyl pergola is a unique style to mesh.
White is known as a natural and pure color that never goes out of fashion. Luckily, it also gets along amazingly with both dark and light exterior colors.
The substance — and the color — will satisfy you for many years to come and is versatile enough to complement stucco, brick, polished, Including neutral color home siding. Plus, considering white matches everything, your options stay wide open should you ever desire to add furniture or curtains. Clean lines and their purity define a modern pergola. Often made from wood or aluminum, it holds its cues from contemporary architecture. The roofline is extended or curved with few details, apart from repeating designs. Often seen poolside at resorts, a modern pergola will help homeowners feel progressive and luxurious. is one of the best-in-class pergola manufacturers in Dubai that can help you build your desired pergolas.

Adding to your thought, we have different types of Pergola's that can enhance your patio beauty and get it beautified. Amongst those are:

Wooden Pergola

There’s something about natural Wood’s look, from the subtle grain designs to the rich stain colors. A wooden pergola oozes a certain richness and style that many people favor. Your wooden Pergola will offer charm and character, proof to tradition.
If you need to turn your Pergola into an open-air living space where you can relax or entertain your guests, then have some comfy sofas or chairs. The type of furniture you choose can make or break your Pergola, so make sure that you pick top-quality modern Wood for your outdoor space.
Are you looking out to build a custom pergola? Please speak to us at 055-380-5148 for a free consultation or visit We are recognized for the best wooden pergola developments in Dubai.

CNC-Cut Pergola

Beautifully designed open-air metal privacy panels can enhance an outdoor area’s appearance while extending benefits such as shade, privacy, and protection. Open-air laser-cut partitions can be placed outdoors as part of a pergola, canopy, decorative wall, metal gate, or set of divider screens. Having the expertise to customize your exterior space with outdoor metal privacy panels allows you to make a great impression on visitors and take advantage of seasonal aesthetics.
This unique plan casts an olive tree shadow underneath, overshadowing its occupants. You made it to withstand the weather and give your space a fantastic, beautiful look that will make your neighbors jealous. The frame and laser cut panels were all composed and produced by 800 Pergola to fit this specific customer’s space.
We are recognized for the best CNC-Cut Pergola developments in Dubai. Please speak to us at 055-380-5148 for a free consultation or visit

Aluminum Pergola

With a strong metal frame, an aluminum pergola can allow a wooden structure’s stability with a clean elegance and entirely customizable accessories. Also, long-lasting and relatively maintenance-free, your aluminum pergola is assured to last through a lifetime of both rain and shine. If you’re looking for good quality, you will want to choose an aluminum pergola.
Aluminum possesses roughly one-third the density and stiffness of steel. One of the many benefits of aluminum is that it can form any shape and size, so besides its functionality, it can serve as a beautifying element. It is much easy and straightforward to operate with.
Aluminum needs protection before revealing it to internal requirements. If used outside, regular powder coating will not cover the board if exposed to weather conditions such as rain, snow, sunlight, etc. Assume you would like to use powder-coated aluminum outdoor and if exposed to weather conditions such as rain, snow, sunlight, etc. In that case, we can make it happen, we would need to use a specific chemical treatment before the powder layer, and it would be considered a customized request.
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Retractable Pergola

A retractable covering system can be mounted to most pergola structures, including those built of timber. With just a push of a switch (or pulling up a cord), this innovative solution produces adequate shade and protection when you want it and plenty of sunlight and open-air when you don’t. Custom retractable coverings are available in various colors, designs, and forms to harmonize with your outdoor furnishings and decor.

You require to build your patio retreat if you decide to add a relaxing hot spa complete with a privacy screen and retractable sun protection. It’s a custom, low-maintenance and produces a shade, not with the usual stringers, but with a Shade Tree canopy for full coverage. Lean back the coverings and look up at the stars at night or keep them hooked for an excellent place to relax during the day. Thus, the 800 PERGOLA team is the finest that supplies the best, and outstanding Pergolas in Dubai.

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Modern Pergola Deveoper

How to pick the best Pergola for you?

While pergolas are structured to define a square or rectangular area in your outdoor space, there’s more to a great pergola than these simple configurations. You can quickly go beyond standard posts and cross beams to give your Pergola a unique look and feel
Need your Pergola to stand out? Choose an arched or artisan-style roof that gives your new Pergola a bigger, more solid feel. Lattice roofing or privacy panels can also add to the style of traditional pergolas while providing extra privacy.
Choosing a pergola and the features give you lots of flexibility to create a pergola you’ll love for years to come. While there are many factors to consider when picking the best Pergola for your requirements, opting for the usual straightforward approach will make the task less daunting and much more fun. Establishing your style, deciding how you’ll use your Pergola, covering your available space, exploring pergola elements, colors, and features, and designing for the right amount of shade are all fabulous ways to narrow your decisions and choosing a pergola for lasting open-air enjoyment.

Quick Tip:

A pergola can be a significant investment for a patio. It often displays a focal point, and prices can run in the hundreds to thousands of bucks. To assist you in making sure you pick the right one, below are some key takeaways.
The three primary materials pergolas come in are Wood, metal, and vinyl. Choose Wood if you want a more rustic and straightforward style, and you don’t mind the preservation. For lower maintenance and a more modern look, choose the metal vinyl.
Pergolas come in a wide diversity of styles. Begin with measuring the space you plan to install it in or look at renovation plans for your Backyard. That will inform you regarding what type of area you are looking for. For installation types, buried and spiked are more effortless. Mounted and anchored styles can get more complicated and might need a contractor if you’re not comfortable drilling or pouring concrete.

Be convinced to assess the different types of innovations and how they fit your needs. For example, a canopy might be a must if your Backyard doesn’t have much natural shade. Meeting such requirements, the best pergola manufacturers in Dubai are readily available and can build it the way you desire.

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Here are the top 5 Pergola Ideas for your Backyard:

1. Corner Cabin Custom Pergola with Lantern: The simple look of this Pergola takes its style ideas from the natural Wood of season vacation cottages. It provides a sheltered niche for an engaging conversation space. The curled textures add diversity and pattern while sustaining the neutral shade scheme. The massive cast iron lantern allows a striking and fitting focal feature for the room.
2. Outdoor Kitchen Cover: Embraced pergolas are an excellent way to supplement some protection to an outdoor kitchen. The masonry columns help create a cohesive look, while the attached ceiling fans and hanging lights make this area extra functional no matter what time of day or weather. The comfortable Pergola extends everything you need in an outdoor living space to enjoy your dinner time. Upholstered chairs can be wrapped with glowing throws. The beverage table may include a fire pit. A rock fireplace lights in the background, and a dinette table and outdoor kitchen stand ready to provide a warm, lively meal.
3. Poolside Pergola: Pergolas can make significant transitions from homes to outdoor spaces. They add clarity and shade, making it more comfortable to move from one area to another. They also help define the entryway for those already outdoors. Pool Side Pergolas can be in the yard and are Traditional or even modern. Even if the pool is rectangular, the garden echoes or frames the pool and Patio, and the Pergola can be flat and simple. A smooth, modern outdoor sectional, rectangular fire pit, and brace tables make this a clean, inviting space.
4. Sunny Slide-wire Style Pergola: This relaxed, open Pergola lets you enjoy your outdoor living space even when the sun is shining down from high overhead. When you feel the need to retreat into the shade, you don’t need to move except extending the fabric panels out between the braces in the pergola roof. These are structured with solid beams and timbers that make it easy to install lighting, fans, heating, solar panels, and more without cluttering the space or compromising the design. Add curtains for privacy, and sunshades and coverings can increase shade from the sun as it you can enjoy the outdoor space in all types of weather
5. Simple Seating Area: They add a tiny bit of shade and various styles and design improvement to outdoor seating areas. This simple pergola design helps create a feeling of enclosure for the seating area but without actual walls. Pergolas aren’t just for those endeavoring shade; they are also for those desiring character and style. Whether your Patio requires the beauty of a bold, impressive structure, it also needs a charming centerpiece, or you resemble to define a space to experience the ambiance of a fantastic evening, a pergola is an answer to what you have been searching for. With its diverse forms, the Pergola allows a solution for any range.

Some questions you might have after all this knowledge of Pergola, here are a few we have answered for you:

Beautiful Pergola in dubai
  • What is the prime spot for a pergola in my garden?
    You can place your Pergola anywhere outside your Patio, but if you’d rather be more particular, it can be set up covering your outdoor dining room, along the side of a pool, or next to a fireplace if you have one. And if you have a sauna, you should cover it with a pergola. In other words, you should install a pergola over your pathway to beautify your entrance.
  • Which material should I pick for building a pergola?
    Being the best-in-class Pergola Manufacturers in Dubai, we suggest be it a traditional or modern pergola, we provide a wide variety of choices for our customers to choose between Wood, aluminum, vinyl, steel, and wood-plastic segments. Depending on your liking and funds, we recommend the most suitable material to build a gorgeous pergola.
  • Which Pergola is the best fit for me, pre-fabricated or tailor-made?
    Pre-fabricated is easy to install, but you can only connect add-ons and cannot make any configuration changes. In contrast, a custom-built pergola package gives you plenty of choices and natural designs to decorate your home/building. We are specialists in providing tailor-made designs for you to flexibly arrange the size, shape, material, color, and columns.
  • How much can one invest in constructing a pergola for my home?
    The cost of a pergola may vary upon the size, material, and design complexity you like. You can assume the price anywhere between $500 and $5,000 since the labor charge can be lightly high when opting for a custom design. If you order a pre-fabricated one, it can cost you less than a tailor-made one.
  • Is there a contract that I have to sign before we start with our setup?
    To make it more professional, we have to sign a contract form from both ends defining your understanding of the pergola construction and the delivery timeline and price included for future references.
  • Does the 800 Pergola team provide any repairing services for my existing Pergola?
    Unfortunately, we do not entitle to repair works for your existing pergolas, for which you can contact a local handyperson who can manage such work.
  • Can I have a look at your sample projects or designs already done by your company?
    Surely! You can navigate our Project page and find all our work samples in both commercial and residential, furnishing you an idea of our expertise and skills.
  • How to Pick Plants and Vines for A Pergola?
    Pergolas look picture-perfect when enhanced by attractive dangling shrubs, contributing extra shade in the formation and still enabling the sunshine to peek in. Climbing plants, often called ‘climbers,’ offer not simply flowery fragrances and sprinkles of tone, but they also help provide dappled shade and privacy for the seating area in your Pergola.
  • Finally, we at 800 Pergola one of the esteemed pergola manufacturers in Dubai would love to render reliable, top-quality carpentry assistance to the building industry. Our idea is to encourage and contribute to a comfortable lifestyle and work atmosphere for our clients, employees, and of course, the end-users of our services. We have a dedicated team catering to clients with honest work and service, serving ambitiously to provide you the best outcomes possible, staying focused on yourself, and completing the project within the given period. For more information, contact us at 055-380-5148 for a free consultation or visit