You can place a pergola anywhere in your backyard but if looking for specific locations, it can be over your outdoor dining area, along the side of a pool, or if you have a fireplace, you can fix it next to it. Even if you have a hot tub, you can place a pergola over it. In other ways, you can construct a pergola over your pathway making your entrance beautiful.

Be it a traditional or modern pergola, we provide a wide range of options for our customers to choose between wood, aluminium, vinyl, alumawood, steel, and wood–plastic components. Depending on your preference and budget, we suggest you the best material to build a beautiful pergola.

Pre-fabricated kits are easy to install but you can only attach add-ons and cannot make any changes in the design, whereas custom-built pergolas can give you plenty of options and intrinsic designs to decorate your home/building. We are experts in providing tailor-made designs for you to flexibly choose the size, shape, material, colour and columns.

The price of a pergola may vary upon the size, material and design complexity you choose. You can expect the price at anywhere from between $500 and $5,000, since the labour cost can be slightly high when opting for a custom design. If you order a pre-fabricated kit, it can cost you less than a tailor-made one.

Of course, yes! We get a contract form signed from both the ends specifying your agreement upon the pergola construction along with the delivery timeline and cost included for future references.

Unfortunately, we do not entitle into repair works for your existing pergolas, for which you can contact a local handyman to handle such work.

Definitely! In your free time, navigate to our Project page and find all our work samples in both commercial and residential, which give you an idea of our expertise and experience. Read More

You will receive your structure within 4–6 weeks of placing your order, and it may extend depending on customized sizes you choose.

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