Retractable Pergola

Retractable Pergola

Presenting all-weather retractable pergolas – a flexible system that creates an astonishing and pleasant architectural outdoor space for your everyday use. Retractable pergolas from 800 PERGOLA provides flexible control over the amount of light, air, sun, and rain is allowed in your outdoor area, all with a touch of a button. Our all-weather retractable pergolas can be customized according to your needs and can be installed as a fixed establishment with a supportive framework or consolidated into a new or existing structure.

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Retractable pergola developers in Dubai

800 PERGOLA is a proud retractable pergola developer in Dubai presenting our newest premium product – our retractable pergola. The biggest advantage of a retractable pergola is you can cover a large space in your backyard and you can open it whenever you want. 800 PERGOLA is an international manufacturer and installer of residential retractable pergolas. At 800 PERGOLA, we offer a myriad of options that offers protection from harsh elements as well as offer a fresh aesthetic to a regular dull outdoor space.

Retractable pergola designers in Dubai

A range of retractable pergolas from 800 PERGOLA can withstand the harshest environments. We have made sure that all our products are durable and promise longevity as they are built using only the top-notch quality materials available on the market. We even import some materials to make sure you get the best things. The waterproof materials will provide 100% protection from any weather conditions along with providing an aesthetically pleasing appeal with a range of colors and textures available to choose from.
With our designer retractable pergolas, you can now change your open outdoor spaces into beautiful relaxing places. You can even choose curved configurations, LED downlights to enhance your outdoor living experience. Every retractable pergola system is installed by our in-house teams with a warranty to make sure your experience with 800 PERGOLA is evergreen.

Retractable pergolas for a real open-air experience

Our retractable pergolas are meant to make your outdoor activities better, no matter how much size you want to cover! Get in touch with us to explore more about how this system can improve the quality of your outdoor activities or enhance the style of your property. We need to also mention this – our systems are eco-friendly and energy-efficient too. Retractable pergola systems from 800 PERGOLA are ultimate solutions for larger residential spaces or even restaurant cafés. We have the most comprehensive offerings, and our pergolas are available in many designs and textures to best fit your needs and budget.

Custom retractable pergola developers in Dubai

All our retractable pergola models in Dubai come with customized options. Models with your chosen sizes and features will be designed according to your preferences & tastes and then installed at your location at your convenience. Your choice of the system will vary with roll-down bug screens, hot weather screens which makes it a perfect companion for your home. We can even install multiple units if you have larger places.

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