Aluminium Pergola

Aluminium Pergola

Aluminium pergolas are the perfect fit for your outdoor space with enormous landscaping around. Aluminium being a lightweight material, it can be easily installed in your backyard and doesn’t require any extra maintenance too. 800 PERGOLA is one of the finest pergola developers in Dubai providing high-end aluminium pergolas in custom-made designs.

We have a collection of various fantastic colors in aluminium pergolas and you can choose any RAL code that suit your taste. Get rust-free and dust-free aluminium pergolas installed in Dubai with custom-made designs from 800 PERGOLA and enjoy your leisure time under your favourite aluminium pergola.

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800 PERGOLA, one of the finest aluminium pergola developers in Dubai can create an extraordinary living space outdoors. Whether you are looking for a welcoming lounge for your friends and family to relax in, a nestled playroom for the kids, or just a cozy place to relax for no reason, custom aluminium pergolas are made to be adapted to your lifestyle. We let ourselves enjoy blissful relaxation, year after year.

All of our aluminium pergolas are crafted with a strong aluminium frame, whether they are freestanding or wall mounted. The countless options we can create for you to make a fully customized pergola to your needs. You can have options including standard rafter, louvre style rafters, CNC cut design, retractable roof, LED lighting explore our options!

Custom Aluminium Pergola Developers in Dubai

800 PERGOLA team offers you side elements that let you add the finest touch to your aluminium pergola. Do you wish for stylish panels with louvres, a fix screen, or a glass sliding wall? You get to add a unique touch to your pergola, have additional privacy and protect yourself when the weather is throwing out.
The reason why we are of the finest custom aluminium pergola developers in Dubai is you get a wide range of options for your pergola.

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Aluminium pergolas are magnificent products that come in a variety of designs, styles, and shades. Just like our traditional and modern pergolas, aluminium pergolas are weather and fire-resistant, with no cracking, warping, splitting, or damage from termites for years to come.
Our aluminium pergolas have three more advantages over the others’: a long lifespan, long-lasting warranty, and custom designs. We currently have long-lasting materials that last for decades with minimal maintenance needed to keep them looking new forever.

Aluminium materials can last up to sixty years. Our aluminium pergola in Dubai offer warranty products, and while we only have one brand, our products are completely customizable. Endless opportunities to help you select from different structural configurations means we can create a complete custom pergola unique for you.

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