5 Ways To Light Up Your Pergola In Christmas

5 Ways to Light Up Your Pergola In Christmas

Who doesn’t love family dinners and lots of gifts? 

Hardly a soul! 

Festivities bring in a magical bag filled with excitement and fun. Now, it is that time of year where you deck up your space with Christmas around the corner. While we pay most attention to the entrance and fireplace by adding elements of elegance and beauty, we often miss out on our backyard and pergolas. But the fact is that this can steal the show. So, this holiday season why not make your porch and patio look magical with something exquisite.

Can anything be more catchy and exquisite than walking in a world lit by hundreds of tiny string lights and fairy bulbs? 

No Right? 

Decking up a space with lights around the backyard and the patio can make your place look like a fairyland. This blog brings you the top five ideas to drape string lights on the backdrop and twin the lights around railings and pergola columns to make your Christmas Eve colorful and magical. 

Creating a criss-cross canopy of string lights: 

If you are planning to add the spice and make your background look enchanting, you must certainly try out this idea. You can use the eaves and opposite horizontal structure from the deck to support the string lights and creates the most perfect canopy above the heads of your family and guests. These overhead fairy lights create an illusion, making it look like stars and moon overhead and adding worth to your boring wooden pergola. This idea will not only enhance the beauty of your backyard but also will provide overhead illumination for barbeques.

Capturing light within tiny lanterns: 

Another bright idea to create the feeling of stepping in a fairy garden is by capturing the bulbs of the strings light in tiny lanterns. These charming string lights can be used to decorate the pergola columns, adding the ethereal fairy feel. The tiny paper orbs create a catchy glowing lantern look dispersing twinkling light like some old-fashioned oil lantern. However, try avoiding the traditional Christmas lights. Instead, use strings of lights with bright bulbs spaced farther to ensure the right look.

Draping eaves with string lights: 

Christmas is the time when the eaves of your home are the best choice to re-decorate the back patio. You can use them and the underside of pergola shading to mount the string lights. You can try draping the lights in a scalloped whimsy manner to offer the appropriate seasonal magical look, adding worth to your back deck and garden. You can also use the eaves to mount the LED light chains and hang the string lights along with the pergola columns in a parallel fashion. 

Twining rope lights around the furniture: 

Pergolas add beauty to the generic approach of any backyard or garden. But adding rope lights to it the coffee tables enhance the beauty and make your space ready for Christmas and New Year. Glass top tables and Pergolas look very enchanting with string lights wound around the legs and columns. If you have a hammock, you can even try winding the posts or the trunk of the tree and adding a canopy of lights overhead. It will make your backyard look welcoming and a perfect site to click catchy pictures. 

Lining the pergola with strings of light: 

This idea is the perfect one to create a magical archway in your backyard. Pergolas look very beautiful when illuminated with bright bulbs. You should start by twinning the lights up and down the column, carefully defining a well-lit space for the guests and family to walk towards and stand beneath. Use the overhead structure to twine lights over the struts of the pergola or create a criss-cross canopy based on your preferable taste and Pergola’s design. It will create a romantic ambiance which will surely attract the couples to click some beautiful Christmas pictures there.

Wrapping Up!

With your primary focus on the backyard and Pergolas, you can work on numerous approachable methods. With the twinkling colorful fairy lights, LED lights, and rope lights you can get your outdoor space all ready for Christmas. At 800PERGOLA, we understand the desire of our clients, and we build custom pergolas so that you can create the magic in your space throughout the calendar, considering the festive season. We can help you with easy light installation equipment to cut off your hassle during the season is worthwhile.

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