All You Need To Know About Thermowood Pergolas

All you need to know about Thermowood Pergolas

Did you know? A Thermowood pergola in Dubai is incredibly adaptable. In fact, the material used and installed in your backyard can transform it from a practical (but simple) building into a one-of-a-kind statement piece. 

You can further enhance its beauty by adding the elements such as lights and movable overhead slats, sound speakers, fire elements, and outdoor kitchens. Apart from this, you can also decorate your thermowood pergolas with plants, both- outside and inside as the epitome of a garden room. You can even grow some foodstuffs such as tomatoes or grapes to enjoy the double advantage. 

Does it make you curious to install a thermowood pergola at your place?

Well, here is everything you need to know about installing a thermowood pergola to your yard, including design and placement suggestions, along with its benefits. 

What is a Thermowood pergola?

Thermowood is a form of wood that has undergone thermal alteration. It transforms ordinary wood into this incredible substance-using just heat (varying from 190–212 degree centigrade) and steam. They are completely natural, with no artificial additions, and maintain the inherent qualities of wood. The proprietary manufacturing technique used by the thermowood pergola manufacturers in Dubai involves progressive heat alteration of wood, which results in permanent changes to the chemical and physical characteristics of the wood.

Thermowood pergolas can be used at the places that are much bigger but with dimensions similar to a gazebo or patio. However, the design of a thermowood pergola is deceptively basic. It has four posts that support four crossbeams or a combination of beams and rafters across the upper perimeter of the construction. You can add a slatted or lattice roof for filtered shade. 

Whom should you hire?

Among most homeowners, constructing a custom thermowood pergola in Dubai necessitates the services of a landscape architect, designer, or builder. Hiring a professional is a wise idea even with pergola kits. Seek a landscaper or architect for larger landscaping projects. While it is more expensive, a professional can assist you in finalizing your designs, considering what will function best to give the perfect balance of sun and shade.

What design aspects should you consider?

Thermowood pergolas can be integrated into any landscape practically to add a unique look with the help of thermowood pergola designers in Dubai. You can also customize them to match your classic style and chosen materials. 

Here are some things to think about while installing a thermowood pergola in your yard-


Consider installing the thermowood pergola where it may best serve your purposes. Use it to establish a getaway location or auxiliary dining or seating space or install it facing a spectacular view, catching summer breezes, or offering a little shade in an otherwise very hot region of your garden. You can add the thermowood pergola as a part of a larger deck or patio renovation, or as an independent structure. Another way out is to delineate the dining area or patio kitchen, create a discussion space, or provide afternoon shade on a larger deck or patio.


Once you have selected how you want to utilize your thermowood pergola, you will need to figure out how big you want it to be. If you want to employ the room for lounging or dining, make sure to provide enough space for you and your visitors to be comfy. The height of the support beams and overhead parts impacts the appearance of your pergola. Slender supports and beams give themselves a more elegant and unobtrusive appearance. More substantial posts will offer weight and presence, as well as rustic charm.


The appearance you choose is also an important consideration when selecting a design. Align the style of your thermowood pergola to both your property and environment to make one feel like a unified element of the whole design. In a naturalistic garden and with a traditional home, you may choose thermowood, whereas in a modern home, you might choose a sleek metal design. Contemplate a style of thermowood pergolas in Dubai that will provide some surprising contrast if you truly want your pergola to stand out.

Roof Structure: 

Decide if you want your thermowood pergola to give shade from the sun and rain or merely a framework for climbing plants or fairy lights. The spacing of the overhead slats and how they are arranged determines the quantity of sunlight that enters the interior of a pergola. Moveable above slats or louvers can be changed to adapt to available sunlight or even closed altogether to deal with adverse weather. Consider creating a gabled or arched roof, or maybe removing all roofs completely, for a more open, less restricting atmosphere.

What are the benefits of installing a thermowood pergola?

Constructing a thermowood pergola is a fantastic idea. Such pergolas are open-air spaces with rafters but no walls. They are a great place to chill outside, eat in the sunshine, and make the most of your landscape. These days thermowood pergolas are becoming increasingly popular due to their natural beauty, versatility, and longevity. It can withstand most weather conditions and has a cost that is normally in the midrange for material selections. 

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