5 Benefits Of Installing Aluminium Pergolas

5 benefits of Installing Aluminium Pergolas

Pergolas are the best of both worlds, as they let us enjoy nature while sitting in a modern landscape setting. Whether they are freestanding or with support, they are sure to define your outdoor space, provide shelter, and of course, a visual appeal! And who doesn’t need shade from the scorching heat of Dubai?

Pergolas come in different materials like wood and aluminium. The task is to decide on which material suits your requirement and lifestyle. Initially, wood pergolas were built over walkways or to train the vines, usually in gardens and parks. But its fame caught up and these became a trend in no time. However, wood pergolas had several shortcomings like getting affected by weather conditions (moisture problems), susceptibility to pest and insect activity, and high maintenance costs. Aluminium pergolas came to the rescue!

Here are 5 benefits of an Aluminium Pergola that can change your mind

Lightweight yet Sturdy 

Aluminium as a material is quite lighter than wood, without compromising on the sturdiness. These pergolas are hence very simple to install onsite and even dismantle if need be. Being lightweight, it’s perfect for locations where lower weight needs to be maintained like rooftops or decks.

Since pergolas may be freestanding, the support columns need to be sturdy enough to hold on during heavy winds or rains. And, aluminium is known to withstand and is safe in harsh conditions.

Less Maintenance and Durable

The non-porous material requires very little maintenance as it can withstand different weather conditions. Unlike wood, it will never rot or mold, catch fire, have a pest infestation, or warp and crack due to harsh weather. Not only is it the perfect option but is also very easy to clean. Just water and soap with a cloth or sponge, or even a hose can do the trick for you.

The aluminium pergolas are coated with high-class exterior powder, which makes them resistant to rust or corrosion too. This results in durability for longer periods.


Aluminium pergolas may come with a higher up-front cost but if you compare it with the durability and low maintenance of the material; it all seems worth it! It becomes a smarter investment option because there are no maintenance costs like staining, sealing, or staining, which are needed for wood pergolas.

These stay in perfect shape for several years with the same beauty and versatility.

Several Customizable Design Options

These pergolas may not only have the traditional metallic look as they can easily be colored and given different textures too. They can also be given a wood-grain look for people who wish to give it the vintage look.

They can have integrated LED lighting to give an amazing feel at night. Automated screens could also be added for extra privacy.

They can be freestanding or attached, be open or closed, and can even include canopies. They also come in different sizes or sleeker designs without compromising the sturdiness. They can even be accessorized with cloth weavings or lattice without blocking much light.

Hence, these are highly customizable in many ways to suit your aesthetic desires.


Aluminium pergolas are classic examples of getting your creativity to life. They are highly flexible not only in terms of designing but also in terms of working out with technology.

These pergolas come in features like adjustable louvered roofs or adjustable roofs. It enables the owner to open or close at different angles, depending on the need of the time or preference. They can be left open for unobstructed views on a good day or opened at an angle for some cooling shade. You get the option to choose between partial shade, full shade, or a complete sunbathe option!

Aluminium pergolas also come with integrated sensors that can automatically respond to weather changes like high rains or wind. This can help protect furniture if any.

It is safe to say that no other material can effectively offer versatility, beauty, and durability as aluminium does! As one of the top pergola manufacturers in Dubai, 800PERGOLA can help you design a customized fit for both residential and commercial settings. Put all your worries aside and get your customized aluminium pergola installed today!

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