What Makes 800PERGOLA Designers Unique in UAE? 800 Pergola - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What Makes 800PERGOLA Designers Unique in UAE?

800 pergola designers unique

Pergolas satisfy the shading and artistic needs of both residential and commercial purposes and make your buildings look beautiful than ever before. The ideal need of people would like having a pergola is to fill their huge backyard space and make it convenient for any occasion or the best place to rest/spend time with family/friends. To create a pergola that completely makes you happy, you need some pergola experts who can guide you with splendid designs and options of choosing a pergola that suits your place. In such cases, an expert like 800PERGOLA plays a crucial role.

800PERGOLA aims at providing reliable, top-quality shades with best possible designs suitable for your outdoor space. UAE is a place where you experience extreme summer and extreme winter. As an expert pergola designer with versatile experience in delivering different types of pergolas, we do the required groundwork and obtain necessary permissions from the concerned authorities and tell you the feasibility of installing pergolas at your backyard.

How unique are our pergola designs?

We are renowned for providing state-of-the-art intrinsic pergola designs for both modern and traditional pergolas. Our designers understand your creative opinion about your pergolas and give you a picture-perfect design that adds pride to you and value to your house/building. We have a highly-qualified team of expert designers that has extensive potentiality to design your pergolas as how you dreamt about.

Moreover, we exceed your expectations by providing customized designs and help you choose the right place in your backyard for your pergolas to fit in. Our tailor-made designs of wooden pergolas give you a wide range of design options to choose from and vary in significant ways be it in terms of shape, colour shades, and roofing material. We stand out from our competitors by using handcrafted logs in the overall appearance of pergolas, which impress our customers to choose us their pergola designers.

We engrave unique designs of different shapes and a wide range of pergola design patterns according to the area you live and provide you enough shade to enjoy your summers and winters. If your backyard space is huge, we design your pergola with climbing vines or decorate with colourful flower pots hanging around your pergola. This will make your outdoor area best fit for conducting any get together or functions in the place you are.

With more than 15 years of extended experience, as a team we have accomplished several commercial and residential pergola installation projects and you can choose the best design from our work to give unique shape and beauty to your outdoor space.


800PERGOLA is popular in UAE for not only providing exceptional pergola designs and installation but also in delivering tailor-made pergola designs that suit the background of your house, on time. If you have any doubts regarding choosing pergola designs or bringing out your creativity mixed with our thoughts, do not hesitate to contact our experts at 055-380-5148.