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Beautify Your Pergola with These Easy Steps

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Winter is likely to say goodbye for this year and we will be entering into summer soon. This is the time where all of us want to spend time in the outdoor and enjoy being under a pergola shade. Apart from having regular patios to rest down after mowing the lawn and weeding the garden on Saturday mornings, this time why not try decorating your pergolas with some wonderful ideas that we will give you in this blog?

Lighted Pergola

If you have a stylish pergola made of cedar wood, you can hang bulbs and potted plants making your pergola more beautiful. Lighted pergolas look fantastic during the night times, becoming the best place for small parties or get together.

Curtained Pergola

Based on your pergola designs, you can choose to hang plain coloured/pale/ striped/floral curtains around your pergola and make it the best place for family and express unconditional love with each other.

Paper Lantern Pergola Décor

If you want to arrange your pergola as a festive space, add paper lanterns to it and make it an attractive place for your guests. Paper lantern pergolas give that old classic look for you to enjoy your evenings and dinners, with your people.

Comfy Furniture

Large pergolas may give a picture-perfect view with having huge and light-shaded furniture around. Spend your beautiful days under a super-shady wooden pergola decorated with the ever-inviting space that rivals any living room.

Plant-filled Pergola

If you are a plant lover, you can decorate your pergola with your favourite pot plants around. Hang colourful flowers in pots that match your pergola design and make your backyard even more appealing.

Slat Wood Pergola

If you have a white slat wood pergola, cover it with strips spaced two inches apart, and nothing else can look more stylish and on-trend. Such decoration when done to your pergola, makes your space more private, leaving any of your occasion a great moment for you.

Pergola with Outdoor Fan

Make your pergola like your private room with fixing a fan along with curtains and furniture designed to make it look perfect for your backyard. During summer, along with providing you the required shade, you get the feel of living inside the home, in your pergola. It best suits a large pergola.

Playful Pergola

If you have kids around or you are a sports lover, you can turn your pergola as a play area and make your patio filled with play things for your kid or yourself and give them a great place to enjoy their evenings and holidays.

Poolside Pergola

Spending time near your swimming pool and chilling under a pergola filled with bamboo chairs and furniture, ideal for copying up after creating a splash. If you have a freestanding wood pergola, you can create a calming poolside escape, enjoying the sunrise and sunset in the swimming pool.


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