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How to Increase the Life of Your Pergola?

How to Increase the Life of Your Pergola

An outdoor pergola is used for shade and can come in different types. You can decorate your pergola with retractable canopies or climbing vines overtop. It serves as a roof for the walkway or for the porch. For such useful pergolas, proper care and maintenance is always important. The more you keep its appearance pretty beautiful, the more increases its lifespan. Since pergolas can be made of different materials such as wood, plastic, vinyl and metal, knowing how to care for them plays a crucial role.

Hose Down Your Pergola

Irrespective of the pergola material, it is always discreet to hose it down. When you apply a high-pressure water hose, it eliminates the dirt that may be clinging to the surface. Depending on your pergola material, you can adjust the pressure of water applied to the hose. Always begin hosing from a downward direction, and if you have any furniture or fixations in your pergola, make sure you move them aside and then hose them down.

Clean with a Proper Cleanser

Use a proper cleanser to clean your pergola with a brush that has tough bristles and gives enough pressure while cleaning. It makes sure that even the hidden dirt gets cleaned completely. If there are stubborn areas in your pergola, you can use a toothbrush to clear the dust-out. If you see any splinters of wood or paint likely to be peeling off, remove them carefully from it.

You can use a bristles brush if using a metal pergola; in case you have a vinyl-based, you can follow your pergola manufacturer’s instructions. But most vinyl materials react well to detergent cleaning.

Removing Mildews and Stains

Mildew residue is highly capable of spoiling your pergola’s appearance you should not afford to take it lightly. Similarly, fasteners used on pergolas can also create stains. To remove mildew and stains on your pergola, mix a cup of oxygen bleach with a gallon of water and apply it on your pergola after washing it thoroughly. Once the stain becomes lightened, wash it again with soapy water and rinse it again.

Touch Up Damages

Do a touch-up with the repair kit you receive from your manufacturer or if not, buy a pergola repair kit and work on areas that are damaged. You can apply wood or metal putty wherever you see cuts or dings on your pergola and finally, refinish that area. You can use the touch-up kit for repainting the damaged areas. Some vinyl pergolas come with repair kits from the manufacturer itself.

Sealing and Staining

If you have a pergola made of cedar, its colour may change gradually from light reddish to silver grey, upon usage. To retain the original colour, you can use a sealant that is used for hardwoods which can be bought handy. But before you apply any wood stain remover or sealant, make sure you clean your pergola first and then apply it.

Repairs and Painting

If you notice stains forming due to fasteners on your pergola, get them replaced immediately. It is always advisable to go for stainless steel or aluminium fasteners that do not react with the pergola material type you use.

Hot weather can sometimes weaken the colour of your pergola. This may show an impact on your outdoor furniture as well. If you are using a wooden pergola, make sure you get it painted with high-quality heat-resistant paint or if you are repainting it, do it with the same.

Trim the Vines

To make the ambience look livelier, many people grow vines along pergolas. But remember that thickened vines can add more weight to your pergolas and can weaken it, though pergolas are capable of tolerating huge weight. Therefore, keep trimming the vines couple of times a year.


Pergolas are highly purposeful to add beauty to your backyard and give you peace of life while living within your house. Most people create memories sitting in a pergola. So maintaining a pergola becomes a part of your work in life, so you don’t lose anything for what you have spent on them. If you want to receive more tips on pergola maintenance, contact 800PERGOLA, the pergola expert in Dubai at 055-380-5148.