The 3 Best Kits of Pergola

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It is usual that house owners may try improving the look of their homes, for themselves as well as for their guests. Those who have great backyard space, swimming pool, or a garden may consider a dedicated structure to sit and relax with their families and friends. Though pergolas exist since ages, its popularity is seen increased recently, and home owners expect some creative structure to hang around. To make this happen, it is imperative that you choose the best pergola kit, which could be a challenging task. To ease out your decision, we have come up with the best 3 pergola kits, which can help you select appropriate pergola for your backyard.

#1: Aluminium

Aluminium pergola kits have been in existence a little longer than vinyl pergolas, and this is the reason that many contractors stick with them for the first-hand experience they have with the product. The tendency of aluminium is it does not warp, and some brands have variations, graining on the surface, which makes it look more natural than any other metal. Moreover, aluminium pergolas come in a wide variety of colours with aluminium kits since it is pre-painted. Additionally, they have got good paint system designed to withstand these elements, which avoid the need of repainting it frequently and it is high weather-resistant too. Aluminium pergola kits are cheaper than wood and CNC and light-weight too.

#2: Wood

Wood pergola is considered one of the most common materials for building pergolas. Wood is a stainable material in the long-run and easily gets prone to weather to a grey finish. Wooden pergola kits need strong installation in the ground because of its heavy weight tendency and cannot be installed with one or two members. Wood comes in very limited colours, and you can paint your favourite colour on it. But it may not give the natural look you expect out of your wooden pergola. Wood pergola kit needs repainting over the seasonal changes and requires high maintenance as well. 

#3: CNC

CNC cut pergola kits are new ones but come in classic and modern laser cuts with easy installation tools. Depending on the length and size of pergola you choose, the tool kit also comes along with, making it easy for contractors to install within no time. Laser CNC cut manufacturers produce uniquely-designed pergola shades which comes in pre-fabricated designs. It is costlier than the other two pergola kits but stands out the best in quality. 


Aluminum and wood pergolas are standard types and need not require any more introduction of sustainability, whereas CNC cut laser pergola kits are trending and preferred by many commercials and some residential too. Now you know which pergola kits may suit your backyard, you can approach an expert like 800 PERGOLA to get some ideas of decorating your pergola more and adding beauty to your backyard. For a free consultation with our pergola expert, call us at 055-380-5148.

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