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Cover Ideas for your Pergola that Provides Shade and Shelter

Cover Ideas for your Pergola that Provides Shade and Shelter

Whether you want to create an ambient space to relax or spend more time outside while adding value to your home, pergolas are the best option to provide you with the enduring charm of nature and transform your backyard into a cherished outdoor living space. 

Whether you cover your pergola with whimsical lights, climbing plants, or leave it unadorned, it will always give you the feel of airy outdoor living space. If you want your pergola to provide more shade from the midday sun or better shelter from the rain, the solution is to find proper roof covers for the pergola.  Here we have listed some of our favorite cover options: 

What is a pergola?

Pergola is an extended roof as traditionally they are built along one side of the house, either freestanding or attached, over a deck or patio. Integrating a pergola in your backyard or outdoor space creates an architectural statement for space. It is not only a visual masterpiece of your house, but it can also provide the perfect ambiance for your family get-togethers and outdoor parties. 

The design possibilities of pergolas are unlimited. It can create a medieval feel with dramatic stone pillars and hefty wooden crossbeam. On the other hand, modern pergolas incorporate a wide range of materials and styles to blend with your home seamlessly. In every way, pergolas are classic, simple yet versatile. 

What do you need? Shade or shelter or both..??

Pergolas are designed to filter light rather than blocking it out completely. So whether your pergola is made up of traditional wood, sleek aluminum, sophisticated concrete, or modern steel, it must have an open roof structure creating patterns of sun-stippled light across your patio or walkway. Adding a well-suited pergola cover will enhance its light-filtering effect and provide protection from the rain. 

Climbing Plant Cover

For a very long time, pergolas have been used to support creepers and climbers, and vines in the garden. So if you want a living pergola cover that is lush, vibrant and changes with the season, then natural plant covers are the best options. The pergola’s overall size will help decide on the plant type and quantity that grows densely or have large leaves to provide complete coverage. Local nurseries can guide you to find the best-suited vines for your living pergola cover. 

Custom Fabric Banding

You can use rows of outdoor fabrics to create interlaced pergola covers. This looks very elegant and relatively inexpensive to cover the pergola. There are several options for customizing a banded fabric cover with various patterns and colors, and weave density. For an ultimate rustic look, you can lay parallel lengths of fabric across the top of the pergola and drape them between the rafters like undulating waves. Then weave the fabric ribbons in and out, pulling them taut in a chic pattern from one beam to another. 

Full Fabric Canopy

These are the easiest and functional options to cover the pergola. It uses an entire piece of outdoor fabric to provide seamless shade and semi-protection from rain. You can decide on how to cover the pergola according to your choice. Some people choose to position the fabric canopy as a full cover, and some prefer to stretch from one beam to another. Also, you can position it at an askew angle or stretch a shade sail canopy below the rafters for a modern summertime feel. 

Retractable Fabric Canopy

Retractable fabric pergola covers are simple canopies installed over guide wires tracks and use a central beam to operate them. These canopies can be mounted to most types of frames, including wood. With just a push-button, this can provide full shade and protection whenever you want. You can enjoy plenty of sunshine and fresh air any moment you want. A wide range of colors, patterns and weaves to compliment your outdoor furnishings and décor. 

Solid Fixed Panels

Custom light filtering panels can be a bit costly than other pergola cover options. But these are the best solutions if you are looking for a cover that doesn’t need to be stored through the winter or needs to be replaced after a few seasons. Many people prefer to use wood, tin, steel, and aluminum planks or panels to cover their pergola. They look beautiful too, but they are more partial for light-filtering and don’t provide proper shade. However, if sunlight doesn’t bother you and you only want to stay dry, then polycarbonate panels can help you get that job done. 


Choosing the right option for covering your pergolas can be a bit confusing. But the team at 800PERGOLA can help you understand your pergola cover options so you can find the one that best suits your style and fits your needs. We are the full-service builders and remodelers who understand the multiple benefits that beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces can provide you. From selecting the material to the color and shape, and size of the cover, everything will get supervised by expert designers so that the pergola can blend with your house’s architecture. For any design ideas or any other queries regarding the pergola for your backyard, get in touch with 800PERGOLA, the Best Pergola designers in Dubai, at 055-380-5148, and talk to our experts.

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