Wooden Pergolas: Ideas and Must-Have Features

Wooden Pergolas Ideas and Must-Have Features

Do you have any idea which pergola type stays superior in style and quality out of numerous variants available in Dubai’s market? Without a single doubt, the answer is wooden pergolas. No other pergola type can ever beat the ambiance and luxury of these pergolas. 

One of the advantages of using wood for pergola construction is its versatility and flexibility. Thereby, you can easily convert it into any shape and design to get a customized, unique pergola structure in your backyard effortlessly. 

Being one of Dubai’s best wooden pergola contractors, you can connect with 800PERGOLA to execute their creative ideas into natural pergola structures. Additionally, you can also renovate your old pergolas into the following ideas:

3 Creative Ideas for Wooden Pergolas

Are you the one who loves to arrange the parties and gatherings now and then? Do you prefer booking banquet or party halls frequently? If yes, then there is a need to invest in the best alternative in the form of wooden pergolas to save thousands of dirhams. 

With the help of a wooden pergola sub-contractor in Dubai, you can easily construct a wooden pergola in your backyard or amidst your garden to serve the purpose of an outdoor retreat for gatherings and parties.

Additionally, you can add a chandelier, bistro lights, trailing plants, and curtains to them to create an ambiance. And Ta-Da! It’s all set to enjoy the luxury of parties in the comfort and safety of your own house. 

Wouldn’t it be great to stuff your wooden pergolas lush green with exotic and your most favorite plants? Just imagine how refreshing it would be to stand amidst all your favorite plants clubbed inside a wooden pergola. In fact, they would make an excellent habitat for all your expensive and rare collection of plants.

Additionally, these pergolas will provide enough shade required for the potential growth of your plants. Apart from home to plants, you can also spend some relaxing or gossip time in this castle of plants along with your guests whenever you feel like it. 

What are you waiting for? Just grab your plants and take them inside a wooden pergola or get a new wooden pergola constructed as a castle with the right retractable pergola contractor in Dubai.

Isn’t it quite boring to always cook in the same kitchen? Don’t you love to try new exciting changes? How about grilling BBQ wings with your loved ones amidst the firepit during winters or rainy season. It is always magical to cook together and later to dine in and enjoy the meals.

The most exciting way is to turn your wooden pergola into an outdoor kitchen and dine-in space to chill and enjoy food with nature. Additionally, you can also add some bistro lights to turn your pergola into a visual retreat.

Therefore, call the modern pergola contractors in Dubai to make the stay over of your friends possible.

Must-Have Features of Wooden Pergolas

Though wooden pergolas are high in class, people are often intimidated from choosing them due to their low durability factor. However, you can improve its lifespan to around 10-12 years with annual staining, cleaning, or sealing. Additionally, you have many options to choose from, such as cedarwood, redwood, and treated wood to add attractive charm to your space. 

With so many wooden options in Dubai’s market, you can select the best one as per your suitability with its unique appearance. For instance, pressure-treated wood tended to be available in a slightly green appearance and turned to golden-brown color after sun-baked. Eventually, they will convert into a grayish color if not stained or water-sealed. Generally, these pergolas offer a more rustic, natural feel and style to your backyard space. In fact, some wooden materials even come with an artificial appearance to choose from.

The maintenance of wooden pergolas also varies significantly with the type of wooden material you choose for your structure. Though they are very demanding in terms of care, you can find both – low-maintenance and high-maintenance wooden materials for your pergola construction. For instance, wood naturally weathers with age, required sanding, sealing, and other treatments to stay in good condition for years to come. While other rot-resistant woods such as cedar are less prone to cracking or warping. 

Therefore, it is generally advised to choose low-maintenance material to enhance its durability and longevity. 


Undoubtedly, wooden pergolas are always the most trending and classic option preferred by many. They give you complete freedom to execute your ideas into your dream pergola. Moreover, they go quite well with the best beautifying ideas and bring a fantastic look to your space. 

However, the durability of wooden pergolas might be a matter of concern for you. But nowadays, the experienced wooden pergola contractors in Dubai, such as 800PERGOLA, provide all the necessary maintenance services to eliminate your hassles of having wooden pergolas. So, call them right away to discuss your requirements with their experts.