10 Popular Pergola Trending Designs In Dubai

Trending designs of pergola

We all love to follow the latest trends, especially when it comes to home décor and lifestyle. So, why not keep yourself updated with the latest designs in the landscape as well. Living in a metropolitan and fast-modern city like Dubai makes it necessary for the people to be updated with the latest trends and styles. In fact, the one way out to mark your presence and status in this hectic city is to follow these trendsetters. 

We are not just talking about fashion, but also about the popular pergola designs and a few aesthetics to be applied into our lives to balance the societal norms with style. 

Thereby, it’s high time now to consider renovating your old pergola or building a new pergola with the help of pergola contractors in Dubai to tune up with the following trending designs. 

Top 10 Trending Pergola Designs

Cantilevered Pergola

One of the most trending designs followed in Dubai is openness and simplicity. Nowadays, people in Dubai prefer simplicity over intricate work to have a better appearance and easy maintenance. Apart from this, cantilevered pergolas also add privacy and shade to your space with their simple modern structure without blocking the fantastic natural views. 

If you are also the one with the same thoughts and needs, then the cantilevered pergola design is meant to be for you to build over your gardens and pools. 

Freestanding Pergola

As the name suggests, freestanding pergolas are the ones that aren’t attached to any other structure or building. Instead, they stand independently with four pillars. The main benefit of such pergolas is that you won’t find any space limitations during their construction. However, you need a permit from the municipality before building the same. 

Therefore, you can construct your freestanding pergola quickly by keeping a minimal space between them and your house or building. 

Pitched Roof Pergola

Another trending pergola design in Dubai is the pitched roof pergolas that mostly come as an attachment to the buildings. They are usually built adjacent to the front side of the house to increase your living space or for entertainment purposes. With the adjoining slanting surfaces, these pergolas offer enough shade and protection from high temperatures, imparting a cooling effect with timber and natural tiles. 

Contact the best-pitched roof pergola contractors in Dubai to enjoy the royal and elegant look of your house with designs perfect for covering verandas, patios, and decks. 

Thatched Pergola

The eco-friendly lifestyle has made a massive contribution to the prevalence of thatched pergolas. These pergolas are usually made with natural or plant-based products and are preferred by the lovers of the jungle or tropical forest vibes. 

Therefore, make your thatched pergolas more appealing than the regular ones using timber as pillars and plant-based material as a pitched roof. 

Slatted Pergola

The most modern and stylish design ongoing in Dubai’s market is the slatted pergolas offering enough shade and privacy. These designs go quite well over your pools, gardens, decks, and patios. You can even set up dining under these pergolas and enjoy the warmth and shade of your backyard.

However, you should be very careful about the quality of the slats used for constructing such pergolas to ensure their durability with the help of slatted pergola sub-contractors in Dubai. 

Louvered Pergola

If you are looking for one of the most trending pergola designs in Dubai to add beauty to your landscape, go for the louvered pergola designs. They provide enough sunlight and heat protection to your space to make it a perfect place to enjoy your summers and winters. Additionally, these designs bring a great visual appeal to your backyard that can be constructed over decks or verandas in attached styles.

You can hardly go wrong by choosing a louvered pergola design as they are beauty meets purpose pergolas. 

Illuminated Pergola

Illuminated pergolas are the fusion of pergolas with an ample number of string lights and Edison bulbs. These pergolas are designed using different lights, making them perfect for night parties. In fact, some people in Dubai construct these pergolas with the sole purpose of having the night fun. 

Moreover, you can convert any pergola into the illuminated pergolas by adding the night lights of different colors with the help of experienced pergola sub-contractors in Dubai. This design is never going to be outdated with its classic and evergreen look. 

Pergola with Trellis Screen

The addition of a trellis screen to pergolas not only increases the beauty but also adds liveliness to your space. You can also grow some vines across the trellis screen to bring some green and natural appeal to your pergolas. 

Therefore, add some shade to your area with a cooling effect and contribute to the air purification process with Aluminium pergola contractors in Dubai

Rustic Pergola

It’s the cozy ambiance and unfinished style that make rustic pergolas perfect for casual conversations and spontaneous get-togethers with your friends. These are the popular and trending pergola designs constructed at the backyard of your guesthouse, especially meant for the youngsters. 

Rustic pergolas look great, especially when you combine them with the matching patio furniture. Moreover, the addition of a lantern with warm lights makes this pergola perfect for your night gatherings. 

Curved Pergola

Curved pergolas are primarily used in the entrances of your houses or garden areas. You can also hook the hanging plants or grow climbing plants to make your curved pergolas look more visually appealing. Additionally, they can be combined with the seating nooks for spending your leisure time.

The best-curved pergola contractors in Dubai can help you construct this solid structure and elements to create a stylish and welcoming entrance. 


Nowadays, you can get your pergolas constructed not only in different sizes and materials but also with popular and trending designs. It might have become quite boring for you to spend quality time in those old traditional designed pergolas. Therefore, there is a need to bring in something refreshing to your space, and the best way out is to look for several trending designs to get your pergolas constructed or renovated. Go for the best and experienced pergola sub-contractors in Dubai to enjoy the latest trends and innovations in your pergola construction. Additionally, make sure that you have given the job of pergola construction into the right hands.