7 Creative Ways to Add Shade to Your Pergola


7 Creative Ways to Add Shade to Your Pergola

Nowadays, the entire Dubai market is welcoming the Pergolas more as a style statement to their houses and various commercial buildings like restaurants, clubs, etc. Though they were used traditionally to grow the vines and other greeneries, now people are switching the pergolas into their outdoor dine-in areas and even their party spaces. In fact, these structures have become a space for rejuvenation and rejoice in today’s modern times.

Undoubtedly, pergolas do provide some space for shade to be used during the rainy and peak summers. But such space is not sufficient to block the winter rain or scorch the summer sun’s heat and light. That’s why there is a need to opt for the following creative ways to add shade, convenience, and comfort to your pergola.

How to Add Shade to Your Pergola?

  1. Lattice Panels

Lattice panels are one of the most popular options used these days for the construction of pergola roofs. They are mostly made of wood with the fixed size of 4 X 8 panels, available in different criss-cross patterns depending on the percentage allowance of sunlight. Apart from their unique patterns, they are also preferred for their affordable prices and easy installation. 

Therefore, it would be best to decide how much light you want to penetrate through these lattice panels’ roof before buying them from the best pergola contractors in Dubai

  1. Foliage 

Do you love greenery more than artificial roofs? How about bringing the natural vibes to your pergola? If you also believe in the same vibes, then the foliage is the best way for you to add shade to your pergola. However, maintaining foliage over the top of your pergola is not that easy a task as some foliage’s shed leaves, demanding everyday cleaning. Additionally, regular pruning and watering are also required to keep them beautiful and adorable.

Therefore, choose the vegetation for your pergola roof very carefully with the help of professional pergola subcontractors in Dubai to grow foliage or vine for some extra shade to pergolas.

  1. Reeds, Palm Leaves, or Bamboo 

The perfect idea to add shade to your pergola, especially in dry weather as supported by Dubai, is reeds or palm leaves or bamboo for the roof set-up. In fact, they are the most eco-friendly pergola roof option that goes exceptionally well with the rustic pergola structures. Though it is an ancient concept, it still adds a natural charm to your pergola and the shade and cool breeze.

Check the availability of reeds, palm leaves, and bamboo first with your rustic pergola contractor in Dubai, and then finalize the design as they aren’t always available in the market. 

  1. Retractable Canopies

Retractable canopies have become the most popular choice for pergola roofs among Dubai residents and commercial property owners for adding convenience and flexibility to their place. One of the most significant advantages of these canopies is that they allow you to retract the shade whenever required to enjoy the sunlight. In fact, they give you the freedom to customize the shade or amount of the sun as per your preferences. 

However, be very careful while choosing the canopy fabric, affected by the factors like water resistance, SPF, and UV protection. 

  1. Fixed Fabric

Nowadays, people have started using canvas fabrics in different colors to add boho vibes to their pergola structures. You can also install either a single piece of fabric or multiple fabric strips as the roof to beautifully add shade to your pergolas. However, the most common method is weaving fabric strips across the rafters in a specific pattern.

Therefore, contact pergola subcontractors in Dubai who are talented in using canvas fabrics in different designs to add uniqueness to your pergolas. In fact, you can also make it a DIY project if you like to bring a special touch to your roof.

  1. Fixed Wood Planks or Tin Roofs

Undoubtedly, the use of the fixed wood planks or tin roofs for the pergola proves to be the most durable option in all the seasons that can cover the pergola top completely. But simultaneously, they are the expensive option with the irreversible attribute, unlike the retractable canopies. 

Thereby, such material perfectly suits the outdoor areas to enjoy the maximum durability from their superior quality. However, you should be a little careful while choosing such an option and check with your retractable aluminium pergola contractors in Dubai before you actually purchase it.

  1. Curtains

Did you know that the pergolas facing the west get maximum sunlight after the noontime, especially in the evenings? That’s why it is always recommended to opt for some preventive measures to block these harsh rays. The best alternative and essential for your pergolas are the curtains, available in different patterns and colors as per your taste and preferences. 

Therefore, it is crucial to choose the curtain fabric very wisely for your pergolas as per the suitability of your space. In fact, it would be better to purchase the curtains with the assistance of any pergola manufacturers in Dubai.


Obviously, we are the most blessed generation to have infinite options in everything. All thanks to Science and Technology! 

Likewise, we are also surrounded by several creative ways to add shade to our pergolas. In fact, the options available in Dubai’s market are endless, ranging from canvas fabric roofs to motorized retractable canopy. Moreover, you can also have either artificial or natural alternatives for your pergola as per your requirements and budget.

Bit confused?

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