Short Pressed with Time? Why Not Sub Contract with 800PERGOLA?

Short Pressed with TimeWhy Not Sub Contract with 800PERGOLA

Do you also prefer exterior works at the last minute, just like most architects and builders in Dubai? 

Do you often get messed up with not having enough time to beautify your project’s exteriors? 

Nowadays, almost everyone in Dubai looks for pergola construction to beautify the space, regardless of the commercial or residential project. And we understand that this has made your exterior landscaping a bit tedious job for you.

No matter whether you are struggling with a lack of experienced pergola developers in your team or lack of time to deal with pergola construction, you can now subcontract with the 800PERGOLA team to get your work done efficiently on time at reasonable prices.

Why Should You Sub Contract with 800PERGOLA?

The 800PERGOLA consists of a great team to associate with for satisfying your customers, be it for Hotels, Villas, Restaurants, Clubs, or likewise. In fact, they are the best pergola contractors in Dubai, with their works speaking out the elegance and uniqueness. You can’t find a better partner than 800PERGOLA to subcontract with to bring beautiful results for your project. Here are more reasons justifying their successful journey: 


The 800PERGOLA team is not just efficient in constructing the pergolas. In fact, they provide a wide range of services for your customers, including fencing, doors, decking, joinery works, and much more. They are the one stop solution for all your pergola requirements as they offer numerous pergolas designs and materials, such as aluminum, wooden, retractable, CNC Cut, modern, and traditional pergolas. 

If we put everything altogether, the 800PERGOLA team provides a complete solution to beautify the exteriors of your projects, thereby saving both your time and money to be invested in other core activities. 

Experienced and Skilled Team

You won’t get a more experienced and skilled team other than 800PERGOLA in Dubai for pergola construction. They have decades of experience in the field, and their expertise is evident in every piece of work they do. Moreover, their knowledge in the pergola field allows you to customize the pergola designs and structures as per your customer’s needs and preferences.

Additionally, this team is a perfect solution for handling your multiple subcontracting projects as they have an experienced team of pergola developers and designers to work on any size, design, and type of pergola.

Best Pricing

While subcontracting, the main target is always to get everything under the customer’s budget along with the addition of some profits for the efforts made. So is the belief of 800PERGOLA. Their priority is always to guarantee you the best and reasonable prices for your subcontracting projects. You will get the best work done within your budget that too in a short span. 

Being one of the top-rated pergola sub-contractors in Dubai, you get no chance to doubt the quality of the work done by the 800PERGOLA team for the reasonable price you pay. 

State-of-Art Pergola Services

800PERGOLA is the only pergola manufacturing company in Dubai that doesn’t wash off their hands and leave the things just after constructing the pergola. In fact, the team offers all kinds of maintenance and renovation services to keep their constructed pergolas beautiful and durable. Moreover, they are well experienced in executing some really unique ideas and pergola designs to make your landscape stand out from the crowd. 

So, whether you are looking for a traditional or modern or even a fusion style, the 800PEGOLA will consider your needs and priorities and bring out the best pergola outlook you had always dreamt of for your customers. 

Customer Satisfaction

More than anything, 800PERGOLA always gives utmost priority to their customer satisfaction along with elevating their brand and standard via subcontracting partnership. So if you are also the one who is looking for brilliant pergola work to exceed your and your customer’s expectations, 800PERGOLA is your first and last option to choose from. Additionally, they give your customers the opportunity to customize.

Apart from this, what makes the 800PERGOLA best is that they prefer to make pergolas in front of your customers, taking their suggestions and feedbacks, giving utmost importance to their ideas for maximum satisfaction. 


With the expertise of more than a decade in the pergola field, best pricing, and customization options, the 800PERGOLA needs to be your number one choice if you are looking for subcontracting with any of the pergola contractors in Dubai. Moreover, they will make your pergola construction easy without taking a toll on perfection and elegance. In fact, their team is experienced and skilled enough to bring huge applause to the exteriors of your new construction project.

So, call the 800PERGOLA team right away to discuss your requirements and pricing. They definitely will give you a great deal that won’t crack your customer’s budget but exceeds your customer’s expectations with the final results.

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