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Time & Cost Estimate To Build A Pergola

time cost estimate to build a pergola

Pergolas are meant to decorate your backyard and give you a great time to spend, in your living space. The installation time for a pergola can vary based on a number of factors; yet, the approximate time would range from 7 days to12 days from the initial consultation of your project with a pergola expert.

Now you roughly know the duration to build a pergola, let us look at the cost of building a pergola which may vary according to material, labour costs to install a pergola and adding a roof to a pergola, in this blog.

What is the average cost to build a pergola?

A3 meter X 2 meter (6 square meters)pergola built by a professional may cost an average of AED 3,500 and with additional material for good shade on the roof may cost you around AED 4,200.

Pergola costs by material

Pergolas cost higher only with varying material types. The more quality material and type you prefer, the cost also increases in the same manner. If you want to build a pergola in Aluminium, then it may cost around AED 3,000; if it’s Wooden it comes to AED 3,500; Steel AED 2,500; WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) AED 7,500; African Teak and other specialized woods at AED 7,000.

Let us take a deep look at the cost of building a pergola by material-wise.

Red Meranti Wood

Red Meranti from Malaysia is the most commonly used wood for pergolas, and it can be painted or stained but not necessarily. Though it gives minor cracks inside but no way has it affected the stability of the structure.

Meranti Wood has a specific measure of silica in the wood because it has a dulling impact on woodworking equipment. The wood holds its unique measurements when exposed to changes in humidity and temperature. One of the unique features of the Meranti Wood is that it won’t warp or twist.

We call wooden pergolas as all-weather pergola as it can resist extreme heat of Gulf region and remains at neutral temperature let it hot or cold weather.  Wooden pergola is best suitable for family with kids as aluminium or steel pergola has risk of kids getting burnt as it becomes extremely hot during summer season. 

Teak Wood, Ipe& Specialized woods

Woods like Teak and Ipe are long-lasting and especially, if you want a hard and durable wood, you can choose woods like teak and ipe. Since there are different types of wood categorized in teak and ipe


An aluminum pergola is often less expensive than wood. Additionally, they are a lot easier to maintain because they will never rust and are also pest proof. They are light in weight and ideal for those who live near the ocean. You cannot think of anything worse than spending a lot of money on your outdoor landscaping only to have it ruined by harsh weather conditions or insect infestation. If you choose aluminum, you will not have to worry about it and you will be able to get use out of it for years and years

Another benefit of aluminum is that it can be painted to look like wood. This is great news for you if you like how wood looks but you want to take advantage of the many benefits that aluminum offers. Furthermore, if you cover it with plants or vines, you probably will not even notice that it is not wood


Wood-plastic composites (WPCs) come with good processing features and can be shaped well, nailed, planed, cut and easily drilled, and their surface can extensively be painted. They are easy to install and quick and convenient to construct. You need not spend much on its maintenance costs since it is easy to clean, thereby resulting in huge time-saving and cost-saving. You do not have to paint WPC pergolas often and can enjoy your time spending in backyard with your family and outdoor as well. WPC pergolas are popular for floorings and decking solutions in more of public outdoor areas and have shown worth over a period of time.


Steel pergolas benefit you with its durability of usage over years. Steel by nature is an incredible metal and strong as well; therefore, you will not have to face any issues like rotting or decaying. It is better than timber for this quality and can withstand in the long sun and any kind of natural disasters that may affect it.You need not spend much time and money on maintaining steel pergolas, since they are pretty low on maintenance, allowing you enjoy your backyard area at a new view.


Hoping this blog would have given you some idea as to plan your budget for building a pergola of your favorite design and material. It is always ideal to contact a pergola expert and get advice and quotation and then choose the best one that matches your requirement and living space as well. If you are looking for a pergola expert, here is 800 PERGOLA, the pergola experts and contact them on 055-380-5148.

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