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800PERGOLA.COM – A Leader in Custom Pergola Designing

A leader in custom pergola

Pergolas add more beauty to your backyard/outdoor and give a premier look to your house/building during any guest/client visits. Apart from look and appeal, you get a pleasant shade during summer. Some may even prefer pergolas to be your private space to spend long time with family or meet and chat with friends as well. But many of you may not have an idea of how to design the best pergola and make it fit to your living space.

800 PERGOLA is the leading pergola and gazebo designer in Dubai with over 10 years of experience in the field and has accomplished several residential and commercial projects till now in Dubai and in UAE. The primary objective of 800 PERGOLA is to provide a reliable, high quality carpentry services to the construction industry.

The focus and service of the company is not limited only to providing a comfortable lifestyle and work environment for organizations, employees, and other businesses but also to the end users who require pergola services. No matter what designs you expect your pergolas to be, you get the best state-of-the-art-design embedded architecture and the right material according to your weather conditions, with 800 PERGOLA.

You get multiple design options to choose between traditional and modern pergolas and get it installed within no time. Custom-made pergolas are mostly available in wooden material, and aluminum pergolas have prefabricated designs and architecture. But we provide custom-made wooden pergola designs and adding up special elements to your aluminum pergolas, making it highly durable and eye-catching as well.

Our expert team not only suggests you with which pergola suits your environment the best but also provides you tips on the maintenance of pergolas depending on the material you have chosen. We use highly durable and non-rusting materials to building pergolas and ensure you attain extreme satisfaction with our work. Our designs are exclusive and huge as well; and hence you get a sample of every unique model you have in your mind.

Our highly talented and experienced architecture designers offer you stunning custom-made designs that you do not get it from anyone in the market. We believe that the money you invest in pergolas render you happiness and the peacefulness you expect out of it. If you are new to know about pergolas but you would like to have one at your home or building, visiting our website www.800pergola.com can give you some idea about pergolas, its purpose, and usage.

We are driven through quality and deliver excellence in designs and overall work; therefore, you need not worry about worth for value.


The sample images of our projects let you know how special and out of the box our designs are how successfully we have delivered all projects on time, which in fact, shows our client/customer satisfaction. If you would like to reach us, give a call to any of these numbers and get the required information you need; 055-380-5148.

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