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Enjoy Winters in your Pergola – Your Way

Enjoy winters in your pergola your way

Winter has begun, and it is a wonderful season that most of us want to enjoy the comforts of a warm house and take cover. Protecting yourself from winter blues by just being inside the house can be quite difficult, and you may have to spend some time outside for a fresh dose of air and other minerals you get through nature in Pergola. 

Especially, climatic conditions in a country like Dubai winters will be extremely high similar to how summers are. So to balance your health in winters and make most of the warmer winter weather, here are some great garden ideas you can make use of.

Use warm lighting for your pergola

The natural tendency of a human body is unpredictable and may behave anytime like anything pertained to seasons. Not many like to be under an extremely cool weather and to beat this out, you can set up a white outdoor lighting with a warmer glow and make your winter outdoor area. This helps you enjoy the natural climate without showing any changes in the temperature but making you feel cosier.

Grab some cosy furnishings

You cannot find a complete winter outdoor area without suitable furniture setting for your outdoor. Keep some large cushions and plenty of throw blankets to keep you warm. Even if you can get some velvet, flannel, sheepskin, wool and faux fur like thick textures, it will always be safe for warm materials. 

To enjoy extremely from your outdoor setting, you can position your furniture in front of a fire pit or under outdoor heaters, which will keep you warm as long as you are outside.

Make your pergola a coffee or tea drinking spot

If you want to invite your friends to home for a small get together, you can make your pergola a place for drinking coffee or tea and sit and chit chat for some time by arranging a table and set of chairs to accommodate your guests. Even if you want to spend time alone in your pergola, you can enjoy the climate in a warm lighting having a cup of coffee/tea/any beverage of your choice.

Consider some outdoor blinds

If you want to make your pergola a winter-proof place for you to sit and relax, cover it with shade blinds or café style blinds. This will keep your outdoor area warmer during the entire winter. You can conveniently create a comfortable warm and cosy outdoor space, along with experiencing protection from rain, wind and cold.

Build a fire pit

Plan your pergola in such a way that you leave space for a fire pit hole and arrange your furniture settings accordingly. Because we cannot see no winter without a fire pit and it is popularly called as winter DIY project. Ideally, you should not go for an open top pergola, since it resists fire. Moreover, if you have plans to fix a pergola for your outdoor, you can ask your pergola expert for different fire pit shapes and sizes, depending on how and where you want your pergola to be.


Make this winter a remembering one rather than just spending as usual. If you want to build a pergola, first, you need have more knowledge on choosing it. For guidance regarding pergolas, you can contact the best pergola expert 800 PERGOLA and get advice and build the pergola of your preference. For high quality pergola model designs, visit our website www.800PERGOLA.COM or call us at 050-380-5148.

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