How Much Does A Pergola Cost?

Pergola costs

Pergolas have always been an amazing choice for decorating outdoor spaces. They change the whole outdoors look and can be useful for placing furniture, socializing space, providing shade, or creating a lounge area where you can cook and relax. An ideal pergola is when it not only meets your requirements but also comes within your budget.

Pergolas are open-air arrangements that come in different sizes, materials, and features. They can be freestanding or supported by another structure. They can be used in gardens for plant decorations or for gracing patios.

Pergolas are often confused with a pavilion or a gazebo. What makes it different from the gazebo and pavilion is its slatted roof. The other two provide complete coverage and a closed seating area. The best thing is that a pergola will provide an open-air structure but with a customizable option of providing full coverage.

They provide the best of both light and shade, with the option of optimizing as per your needs. You may choose to make it fully shaded, design it with fabric for selective light, and get a customized pergola made for you.

Pricing of a Pergola

They might seem like a very costly affair, but the cost depends on a few factors like – 

  1. Size
  2. Material used
  3. DIY or hiring a professional
  4. Roof features

The price of a pergola may start from anything not less than AED3500 depending on different features. Here are a few pointers that affect the cost furthermore.

  1. The cost will vary depending on the current cost of materials and the location you’re buying it from.
  2. Always remember that the basic cost will not include delivery fees, labor charges, and taxes.
  3. The cost also depends on the design and technology that you need. It can be a basic retractable roof, automatic louvered pergola, or a smart pergola that can sense the weather automatically. Smart pergolas will cost a higher price while manual retractable roofs will cost a lot less.

Different Materials Used in Pergolas

To determine the cost of a pergola, you need to first decide on the material. The cost can severely differ in terms of that. 800 PERGOLAS can help you with the below materials –

Wooden Pergola

Wood was originally used for constructing pergolas. The rustic charm and the grainy look can make them look amazing! The rafters and stringers can be well carved with intricate designs. Cedar is the most common type used because it’s naturally resistant to rot and insect infestations. Though wooden pergolas  may take stains well, they will require yearly maintenance that includes staining and sanding. They can also be susceptible to denting, cracking, or splitting over the years. Hence, you need to consider the maintenance and repair costs if you go for a wooden pergola.

CNC-Cut Pergola

These have open-air metal designed panels that can provide privacy, shade, and even protection for the furniture kept inside the pergola. These can be customized with metal gates, divider screens, decorative walls, or be designed like a canopy. The material is strong enough to withstand the weather and good-looking to impress your guests!

Aluminium Pergolas

Easily customizable but with a strong built, aluminium pergola can be one of the best options. Aluminium can be turned into any size or shape, without compromising on the sturdiness of the material. The material can withstand harsh conditions of sunlight and rain, especially useful for the Dubai weather. They might have a higher upfront cost, but they hardly need maintenance hence it all can be worth it in the end.

Retractable Pergola

Retractable systems can be mounted on most of the structures, including wooden pergolas. Custom coverings come in varied designs and colors. They can switch from open-air to shaded at the push of a switch. They can also be customized and are low maintenance too.

Now that you know about the materials, ask yourself these questions first to get some definite answers.

  • How much space do I need to cover with a pergola?
  • As per my requirement, which material will be the best?
  • What will be the maintenance and other costs that I need to bear excluding the purchase cost?
  • What is the current cost in the market?

Customization or DIY Installations

You are definitely spoilt for choice with so many design options in the market. Most of them are square or rectangular in shape because of the support beams and rafters. If you are okay with a simple design, you can opt for DIY installation kits. But, if you are keen on customizing, you’ll need to contact a professional.

It is obvious that customized pergola designs will demand a higher price as it will include labor costs. Customizing may include additional roofing or protective covers for your structures, which will add a cost to the existing value. 

The cost can be less if you go for a prefabricated kit rather than a customized one. A DIY pergola is cheaper but calling a professional ensures that your pergola will be built with a solid foundation.

If you’re installing the pergola on your own, remember to check if you need the council’s approval. The rules vary for different locations hence it’s best to check with your council or the provider.

Pergolas can be an amazing investment. Not only for you to enjoy and relax, well-constructed and aesthetic pergolas can also be a good selling feature in the future. Hence, it is important you choose a suitable manufacturer for you.

Why choose 800PERGOLA?

We are one of the top pergola manufacturers in Dubai and offer years of experience, several customizable options at affordable pricing. Using innovations to meet your requirements and building your pergola just the way you want it, is our motto! For more details, you can contact us at 055-380-5148 today! You can also book a free online consultation through our website –

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