Thermowood Pergola – The Ultimate Material You Should Consider


Thermowood is the most cutting-edge material available. Thermowood, sometimes known as thermally treated wood, is becoming increasingly popular in Dubai and across the world. In fact, thermowood raises the bar for landscaping projects. 

The most interesting fact is that it has a natural look and feel, as well as outstanding resilience and impact resistance, even in the harshest climates. It’s perfect for decks and a variety of outdoor buildings including sun blinds, pergolas, wall panels, and fences. 

Not only that, thermowood is harmless to use due to its non-toxic composition, and its low weight makes it simple to handle. It also stands out from other wood products with extremely smooth texture and natural appearance. 

In this blog, we have put together a comprehensive reference to Thermowood so you can see why it is the ultimate material that you must consider. 

What is Thermowood?

As the name implies, thermally transformed hardwood and softwood have been heat-treated to uncover some very significant benefits. The wood is roasted to a temperature above 100 degrees till it gets transformed into a completely new material, which is a perfectly natural and non-toxic treatment.

The heating procedure is done in an oxygen-free atmosphere, eliminating chemical molecules from the lumber cells and permanently altering the wood. The resultant wood is far more stable, with very little moisture absorption. Insects and fungi that cause timber deterioration have less to feed on as a result of the increased durability. Thermowood is exceptionally lightweight due to its low water content, making it suited for a broad array of applications.

In addition to the internal structure of the wood changing as a result of the extreme heat treatment, Thermowood has a distinct appearance. Thermally treated wood has a thick, dark brown color, giving it an appealing, almost exotic aspect. Many designers and architects choose this chocolate color since it can be kept with the correct finishing or left to deteriorate naturally to a grey hue.

The most common tree species, including Ash, Spruce, Pine, Frake, and Ayous, are amenable to thermal alteration. However, as oak is inherently sturdy, it is not readily accessible for thermal modification. But still many people are using thermal modification techniques to improve its beauty.

What makes thermally modified wood a preferable choice?

The benefits of thermo-modified wood are extensive, with lighter weight and structural durability being only two of the characteristics that make it the first option for many applications. It does not deform or lose form as much as genuine wood due to its resilience and low solubility. Instead, it keeps its contour for several years, ensuring maximum performance with little upkeep. Another advantage is its resilience to mold, rot, and insects.

Thermowood is not only good for the ventures it is employed on, but it is also beneficial to the environment. Thermowood is far more ecologically friendly since it is treated with simply heat and vapor, instead of the chemicals that are generally employed. This is why, in addition to its strength and longevity, the vast majority of the people chose this particular method.

As compared to other chemical options, the chemical-free approach utilized to change the wood is healthier. Human health can be harmed simply by coming into touch with chemically treated wood or inhaling in the air that surrounds it. As a result, Thermowood is a healthier and safer option to pressure-treated wood.

Where can Thermowood be used?

Thermowood is a natural option for cladding because of its strength and mold resistance, as well as its outstanding thermal properties. It may also be utilized in other exterior applications, such as hardwood decking, siding, and flooring, that are prone to constant wet weather. Even in less stable, high-moisture situations, such as basements, it is giving enviable solutions.

Thermowood, with exception of pressure-treated wood, can be installed in combination with metal too. Metals in touch with thermally changed wood do not corrode as much due to its reduced moisture content, however, stainless steel is usually preferred.

Where can you get quality assured Thermowood Pergola?

With 800PERGOLA, you can now have the highest-quality thermowood pergola professionally installed on your property. As one of the top thermowood manufacturers in Dubai, they hold specialization in offering high-quality, personalized services to their clients. To learn more, you can choose to connect with their customer service team over the phone or Whatsapp to get a price for your thermowood pergola straight away.

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