Why Aluminium Pergola Tops Amongst Retractable or CNC Cut Pergola?

Why Aluminium Pergola Tops Amongst Retractable or CNC Cut Pergola

Pergolas are one of the favorite open-air structures for gardens and backyard spaces, forming walkways, sitting areas, or a place to train woody vines. These structures are perfect as they allow access to sunlight but also shelter from direct rays. They help create a dedicated space to decorate with plants, keep furniture, or socialize. These structures come with extensive design options in terms of shape, colors, the material used, and features.

While pergolas are often confused with a gazebo or pavilion, they are different by not providing full shade. However, pergolas come with various customizable options as per your requirement. Pergolas truly are the perfect blend of aesthetics and benefits.

Types of Pergolas

800PERGOLA caters to different types of pergolas to enhance the beauty of your backyard.

Wooden Pergola

The traditional vintage pergola with a grainy look and charm is a favorite for a huge crowd. However, there is regular maintenance and costs involved to maintain these structures. Wooden pergolas may also attract insects and pests or be less weather-resistant.

Hence, other material pergolas are used in the modern-day.

CNC-Cut Pergola

These are normal pergolas that are designed to fit your requirement with uniqueness, sturdiness, and elegance. The beautiful metal panels enhance the aesthetics and provide benefits like shade and protection. The structure can be customized with lights, flexible fabrics, durable materials, and top-notch technology. The sturdy exterior made of aluminium can withstand different weather types and doesn’t need much maintenance.

Retractable Pergola

These are retractable covering systems used to mount on existing pergola structures of different materials. You can choose to get a full shade or full access to sunlight at a simple push of the button. These covers are available in various designs and colors. The best thing is to be able to enjoy both, the shade in the afternoon and the stars at night.

Aluminium Pergola

These combine the sturdiness of wooden pergolas with unlimited design options and need very low maintenance. The best part is that it can include options of standard rafter louvre style rafters, CNC cut design, and even for the retractable roof.

Why do aluminium pergolas top amongst all the other types?

  • Aluminium is known for its functionality as it can take any form, size, or design without compromising on sturdiness. Hence, the options for customization are unlimited.
  • When we say that it’s highly customizable, it means that you can paint it with different colors, give it varied designs, or even integrate it with LED lights and designer fans.
  • Aluminium is stronger but lighter than wood, which makes the assembly and installation very easy. There are ready-to-install kits in the market which enable people to directly assemble it in their backyard with ease.
  • It is technically maintenance-free. It can not only withstand harsh weather conditions, but it is also NOT prone to pest infestation, fire, mold, rot, or warping. Similarly, cleaning it is simple and might need only water and soap.
  • Wood pergolas may need frequent sanding or staining, which adds to the maintenance costs. Aluminum pergolas may have a higher up-front cost but less to no maintenance costs. Hence, aluminium is a smarter investment in the long run.
  • It can be customized by powder coating which increases its longevity and offers better value for money. Such customized chemical treatments can be requested during the making of the pergola.
  • An aluminium pergola is technology-friendly and can give life to your creativity. It can have automated sensors integrated into them, which respond to weather changes like wind or rain. It provides ultimate protection for your belongings or furniture.

Last but not the least, aluminium pergolas are the best in terms of design, durability, and versatility. Choosing the right pergola can be a difficult task as it’s going to be with you for years to come. Not only for you to enjoy the features, but pergolas may also increase the value of a property on sale in the future.

The focus needs to be on getting more flexibility and features while fitting in your budget. 800PERGOLA, one of the top pergola manufacturers in Dubai, can help you in finding the perfect one for you. Contact us today!

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