Creative Pergola Designs And Solutions For Your Backyard


A pergola is a great option for homeowners who want to add some extra living space to their yard. Depending on the design, it can protect you from the sunlight, wind, and rain.

A complete pergola comprises posts, beams, and rafters. However, the concept of getting a pergola often comes with a set of confusion for certain individuals as they are quite similar to gazebos. The only point of difference between the two is the roof design- while pergolas have flat roofs, gazebos have pitched roofs. 

To put an end to this confusion and help you remodel your backyard with absolutely zero hassle, the best pergola suppliers in Dubai bring you the best pergola designs this year. These creative designs will add up value as well as space to your backyard, setting up a perfect ambiance for your backyard parties and family get-togethers. 

Modern Style Pergola: 

The basic lines of the modern pergola will most likely be a suitable choice for individuals who appreciate a current design style. Those looking for a garden fixture that blends in with the sleek, clean modern lines will probably opt for something simple and unobtrusive. The clean lines are achieved by using straight posts, a level top, and basic brackets. In addition to the conventional pergola slats, some contemporary versions incorporate a complete roof. A no-frills modern style would be a fantastic complement to a classic backyard, whether you opt for a rustic wooden color or paint it white.

Attached to House Pergola: 

A pergola that connects to the building on one or even more sides could be the ideal method to make the most of your outdoor space. It will seem more like an addition to your home if it is attached, or it can be built over a preexisting patio right just outside of the back door. These pergolas can even cut down costs as it might not need all four pillars to vary according to the size of your linked pergola. However, as it will be immediately fastened to your house, it is advised to call best pergolas suppliers in Dubai for assistance.  

Pergola with Glass roof: 

If you live in an area where rainy days are common, you may want more than the standard pergola slats to make your outside space useful. Many individuals choose to cover their pergola with a glass (or plexiglass) roof. These can be created with the glass already in situ or subsequently added. Adding a roof to your outdoor living area allows you to use it even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Poolside Pergola: 

If you want to spend your summers swimming around in your pool, installing a pergola to your edge of the pool might be a terrific way. It would provide some shade on those hot summer days. Also, a wooden structure is an amazing means to keep away some UV protection by filtering off part of the rays. If you have the space, you can also build your pergola near to and even over your pool. If your sundeck is already in place, you’ll probably want to hire a contractor to make sure you don’t damage it when putting your pergola columns.

Pergolas with a bar: 

Do you enjoy putting on a show? Then why not transform your pergola into a private bar? You may go all out with a wet bar, barstools, and a TV to watch the big game, or you can keep it simple with a makeshift bar that also serves as a cooler. You can also add up elements like installing a classic fireplace or setting up a barbeque kitchen. When establishing your fireplace or pit, you can also contact a design professional to ensure everyone’s safety.

Retractable Roof Pergolas: 

A pergola with retractable shades or a canopy provides a creative answer to the noon light. You may choose how much cover you want at any given point in time, and these sorts of tints are frequently simple to remove if the need arises. Look for UV-protective material when selecting a screen for your pergola. It will protect you from the sun’s rays while still being able to enjoy the winds and fresh air. You’ll notice that your pergola keeps much cooler, and you could even be able to reduce glare.

Wrapping Up!

Pergolas are a wonderful choice for individuals who love spending time in the open air and add an element of beauty to their property. You can do it yourself or contact top pergola suppliers in Dubai to help you realize your vision for a unique pergola design. However, when you add solid roofing to an existing pergola, verify sure the framework can withstand the weight with our professionals at 800PERGOLA in Dubai. 

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