Is It Cheaper To Build Your Pergola?


A pergola is a wonderful addition to any home since it adds up beauty and value to the outside space. You can either build or buy one for yourself and uplift the outlook of your property in no time. Usually, purchasing a pergola proves to be expensive than assembling one that has already been built or employing the best Pergola Suppliers in Dubai to do it. This is one of the reasons why the majority of homeowners emphasize building their pergolas or getting it constructed from the pergola suppliers in Dubai.

But is opting for a DIY pergola a smart move?

Well, using the right tools, knowledge, and dedication, you can build a pergola effectively that guarantees durability as well as cuts down expenses.  However, before getting a pergola for your house, let us first assess the benefits and drawbacks of buying vs. building a pergola.  

What is the Cost of DIY Pergola?

Since employing a contractor and labor expenses are not an issue, a DIY pergola is by far the most cost-effective option. There are a variety of methods to create a DIY pergola. To understand the idea of assembling better, let us have an idea of the different approaches which you can opt for to deck up your space:

DIY Pergola Kit

One of the simplest alternatives is to buy a DIY pergola kit from pergolas suppliers in Dubai. However, this is sometimes more expensive than buying from scratch. A pergola kit costs can range anywhere from AED 2,500 to AED 7,000, and it generally comes with a retractable canopy. It’s important to remember that this is the price of an aluminum pergola. If you opt for wood, the price is very likely to climb further up. It is due to the high cost of timber and other supplies.

A wooden pergola kit for a 10 square foot pergola might cost upwards of AED 3,500. Although costly, these pergolas are the most durable ones. Secondly, the design of the roof also affects the pricing. For example, a cedar gazebo with a sloped or netted roof may cost you around AED 4,200.

Build from Scratch Pergola

A scratch-built pergola is less expensive and provides you with more control over the finished product. In fact, you can enjoy the services of an expert within your budget. It includes pressure-treated wood, usually cedar, and concrete for the base. This normally costs around AED 3,500 and this does not include delivery fees or pavers if you go for that option. But remember, the cost of pressure-treated wood and delivery is one of the more expensive aspects in these pergolas and the set-up requires extensive effort.

How can you build a DIY Pergola?

A pergola is very basic construction, but it is important to remember that it is a labor-intensive procedure. A standard pergola is 8 feet by 16 feet, with six posts forming the support framework. The pergola’s top is commonly made up of 1-by-3s, which are perfect for draping accessories or plants. Preparing the holes for the support posts is one of the most difficult aspects of creating a pergola. Although this may be done manually, it is highly time-consuming. You can use an earth auger to speed up and simplify the operation. If the soil is soft, however, physically digging the holes may be more effective. It all relies on the state of your ground at the time of your excavation. Also, you can seek an expert guidance for constructing a pergola as per your budget.

What is the cost of Buying a Pergola?

If you don’t want to build the pergola manually or by hiring experts, you can always prefer buying it. It is the simplest though expensive option but constructing a pergola is also a time-consuming process that involves extensive labor.

The most typical pergola materials are wood, fiberglass, or vinyl, with an aluminum support structure thrown in for good measure. Wood is the most expensive alternative, but it also has the greatest appearance. However, it must be pressure processed, which can increase significantly the project’s cost. Vinyl and fiberglass are other excellent choices that are often far more durable. According to research, the average cost of purchasing a pergola keeps on increasing depending on the type of material chosen by the homeowner.

Wrapping Up!

Pergolas are an excellent way to increase your outdoor enjoyment and comfort. When compared to many other outdoor options, they are an inexpensive addition. Pergolas do filter some light, but they do not completely block it. In fact, it allows some light to come through while allowing enough ventilation, thereby promotes a more pleasant outdoor experience.

A pergola involves some basic woodworking and building skills, but it is not a difficult job to do. Many of the major mistakes may be avoided by using a set of pre-made pergola blueprints. Moreover, you can also hire top pergola suppliers in Dubai to help you with your pergola construction and the most cost-effective option available with you is team of 800PERGOLA.

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