Wooden Pergola or Aluminum Pergola – Which Pergola suits you the best?


Extending your patios with pergolas can be a great renovation idea for your house, especially in the Dubai summers. Despite the climate changes, you can use your patios just as an indoor space to experience double joy and comfort. In fact, pergolas actually turn your patio into a great space to relax away from the scorching sun. Moreover, your backyard plants are going to love the shade of these pergolas.

In the mid of this beauty, you might stand confused about choosing the best pergola out of the different options available in the market. Pergolas rule Dubai’s market in various designs and materials with its own pros and cons. With so many available options, you better choose that pergola type that fits best to your space and pocket after consulting the best pergola contractors in Dubai

What Different Pergola Options are Available?

1. Wooden Pergola

Wooden pergolas are usually identical to the pavilion. In fact, most pergola manufacturers in Dubai use cedar wood or any other pressure-treated wood to shape pergolas. If you are also looking for wooden pergolas, it would be better to choose Cedar ones as they are more resistant to bugs, molds, and rots. 

2. Vinyl Pergola 

Vinyl pergolas are the most affordable and durable pergolas that don’t demand much maintenance. However, a yearly power wash is recommended on vinyl pergolas to preserve their colors and finish due to the harsh climatic conditions in Dubai.

3. Aluminium Pergola

The top pergola developers in Dubai usually prefer aluminium pergolas in terms of quality and appearance. Though they are costlier than wooden and vinyl pergolas, their modern appeal and durability are something you will not get from any other.

All seems similar. Isn’t it? But, in reality, it is not. 

Wooden vs. Aluminium Pergolas

1. Weight

Aluminium pergolas often come in a lightweight design that can be blown away by the strong winds. In contrast, wooden pergolas are quite heavy and solid in their structure that can easily withstand stormy winds. So, it would be better to choose the pergola type according to the place you are residing. Check on your environment to understand your requirements in a better manner. 

2. Cost

Wooden pergolas are more economical in terms of materials when compared to the cost of aluminium pergolas. However, wooden pergolas demand regular maintenance, which aluminium pergolas don’t require for. This indicates that you will be charged regularly for maintenance needs. Therefore, considering the overall costs, the expenditure would become almost the same in the longer run. 

3. Maintenance

If you are getting your aluminium pergolas installed by professional aluminium pergola constructors in Dubai, it would hardly demand any maintenance. Whereas, such maintenance needs are entirely different for wooden pergolas as wood ages with time. Therefore, you would require periodic or frequent sanding, sealing, painting, and sealing to maintain your wooden pergolas finish look and durability.  

4. Design Options

Although aluminium pergolas come with different customization options, wooden pergolas are more versatile and give you comparatively more design options. In fact, wooden pergolas provide you with the possibility of purchasing the wood by yourself and convert it into any design of your own choice.

Wooden Pergola or Aluminium Pergola..! Which one would you prefer? 

The best option is the one that satisfies your priorities. But what are your priorities?

Wooden pergolas will be the best option for you if you have a stringent budget. Their sturdy and heavy structure makes them a great and safe choice, especially in regions prone to intense and harsh winds.

But it doesn’t mean that aluminium pergolas are worthless. They will suit you perfectly if you don’t want any regular botheration regarding the maintenance once installed. Moreover, you can enjoy even the natural wood finish along with other numerous colors and designs available in Dubai’s market. 

Aren’t these benefits enough to pay a little more on aluminium pergolas? Or wooden pergolas still appear to be more worthy? Get connected to the 800 PERGOLA team today to talk with our expert pergola manufacturers in Dubai to get all your queries solved and choose the best type of pergola for your space.

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