4 Reasons Why A Wooden Pergola Will Boost Your Backyard Beauty

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One of the most exciting ways to spruce up your backyard and outdoor living spaces is by building a wooden pergola. Pergola is a little outside room with rafters and no walls. It is a frame-like structure that gives an extra oomph to the beauty of your backyard apart from giving you a cozy place to spend warm afternoons. Check out a few more reasons why you should invest in a wooden pergola for your outdoors:

Beautifies Outdoor Spaces

If you are the one who likes to spend a little time outside sipping your afternoon tea or just want a relaxing extension for your comfortable home, wooden Pergolas are the way to go. Depending on the rooftop you plan to install, it will provide you with ample sunshine or shade. You can also add some outdoor furniture or decorate it with potted plants to create a gorgeous outdoor space in your home. A wooden Pergola can be a central spot to your small-mid house party that you can throw anytime. Imagine all you can! Especially when we are cooped up in our homes, these spaces give you a way to connect with the outside world.

Easy Customization

You can control the size and precisely how much sun and shade you need to get in your pergola compared to a typical yard or patio. Therefore, you have so many options to customize based on where you want to build your wooden pergola, considering the seasons’ time, the direction of the sun, and maybe the time you usually want to spend in. This results in determining how much sun or shade the pergola provides by varying the rafters’ size, spacing, and orientation.

Extend Your Living Space

If you think you can’t utilize it in summers or in other climate weather despite your beautiful living space, these wooden structures are the perfect solutions for your worries. Without burning a big hole into your pockets, wooden pergolas designs can assist you in extending your backyard beyond the walls of the house. It increases the space that you can spend time in, thereby connecting you with nature. You can even provide a shade cover for more protection as an added bonus. If you want to build the pergola amid your garden, what can be a better way to enjoy your home than this?

Unique Free-Standing Design Element

A wooden pergola creates visual interest that can be a standalone design element in your backyard or an extension of the already existing aesthetic of your home. You can decorate your wooden pergola with hanging lights or have flowering or fragrant vines climbing up and down the vertical poles and over the rafters. Add a soft flowing effect and a romantic appeal by draping all-weather fabrics from one pole to another. In fact, it can become one of the spots in your home that everyone goes gaga over.

Looking for Installation of your dream Wooden Pergola?

Wooden pergolas are an exclusive way to spend quality time visualizing the natural beauty in your backyard. 800 PERGOLA has 15 years + experience in constructing beautiful wooden pergolas, gazebos, decks, and flooring throughout Dubai, UAE. We have the expert team to design and install your dream pergolas with ease. Call us at 055-380-5148 to get a free quote today! We offer unique styles of wooden pergolas with many more customized options to match your choice and preferences. 

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