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Which Material should you Build your Pergola with?


Are you planning to get a landscaping feature for the outdoor space of your new home/building? Then you need a shade embellishment structure called pergola. There are many materials that these pergolas come in, and it might be quite difficult for you to choose the best and suitable material for your backyard. This blog gives you a collective opinion of many customers and experts about which material is the best for pergola construction, based on scenarios.

Wood Pergola

Using a wood pergolas gives high value reselling benefits to your home, leaving a natural and elegant look for your outdoor space. There are pre-fabricated wooden pergola kits available in the market, but considering an expert’s opinion drives you diligence in availing customized pergola designs. Though wood is a luxurious material that gives a neat finishing of pergolas, it is of high maintenance. Right from sheltering your garden to shading your patio, none other than a wooden pergola can serve the purpose. 

Vinyl Pergola

Vinyl is considered one of the populously used materials for pergolas. Many people prefer vinyl pergolas for their durability, customizability and affordability. Vinyl pergolas give you a high level of customization but come only in limited and simple colors like ivory, beige and white. It gets you a professional look and appears the ideal one for your house’s exterior view. It is lightweight by default and a less-expensive plastic material when compared to other pergola materials, disallowing the need of additional posts to cover large spaces.

Vinyl cannot resist to changing temperature, since it is soft and can sag on inconsistent temperatures when exposed. Moreover, vinyl does not require much maintenance as it need not be painted or stained to ensure a long-lasting appearance. 

Metal Pergola

If you want to build a high sleek and modern-looking pergola, metal pergolas can be the best material. Metal pergolas come in different colours and designs, and they are highly resistant, durable, and weather-proof as well. Metal pergolas are both customizable and pre-assembled and are quick and easy to install. If you have harsher weather conditions in your demography, steel pergolas are the best option. Steel pergolas can withstand extreme bad weather and would last longer than other materials. 

Aluminium pergolas, on the other hand, are cost-effective and durable as well. These have a nonporous surface that can withstand various weather conditions and are low on maintenance. You need not much on maintaining these pergolas since they are lightweight and easy to install as well. 


To choose the right pergola material, you need an expert’s guidance who can suggest you the suitable one for your outdoor space. And 800 PERGOLA can be your pergola expert that has versatile experience in constructing different types of pergolas at customized designs. If you want to contact the company, give them a call at 055-380-5148 or visit their website www.800pergolas.com for their exceptional works delivered.

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