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Difference between a Pergola and a Gazebo- Which one to choose?

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Many people get confused between a pergola and a gazebo since they look similar in shape. But the fact is they both differ in roofing. Let us understand the basic differences between a gazebo and a pergola here, so it becomes easy for you to know which one to choose. 

You get full coverage from the sun with a gazebo, whereas a pergola allows sunlight to shine through its slatted roof. Anyhow, a pergola provides you partial shelter and shade through your garden, pathway or patio. You can create a crisscrossed wooden roof for your pergola, which becomes an optimal space for plants and vines to climb.

A gazebo covers your entire designated sitting area that offers high protection from the elements. 

Choosing a Gazebo

Design is the first in any landscaping feature, in which gazebo is not the least. You get three types of gazebo designs such as patio, pop-up, and grill.

Patio This is the most popular type of gazebo and comes as a permanent fixture on your patio or backyard. It can be made using metal, wood, plastic, or vinyl.

Pop-up This is a portable gazebo that can be easily moved and propped up or down. If you are planning to have a tailgate party, sports game or any big event, pop-ups can be your best fit.

Grill By the name it explains that grill-type gazebos can be placed over your grill to protect it from snow and rain. In case you need a shade from the sun or bad weather, Grill provides you with even that.

Gazebos can be installed in three different ways- permanent, portable and wall-mounted. If you look at the features that a gazebo offers, they are immense. Gazebos are water-resistant and do not require foundation in all the times. It contains mesh screens to keep any bugs out of it. It provides even more safety from the elements with mesh screen windows, curtains and/ or walls. 

Choosing a pergola 

Pergolas can be installed in three different types-Anchored, Freestanding and Wall-mounted. There are plenty of styles in building a pergola but only between traditional and modern types. The primary features of pergolas are they are-

  • Weather resistant to be safe from rust and rot
  • A piece of weather-resistant fabric canopy is included
  • Louvers, which are blind-like slats, are included in pergolas, which are angled to keep you out from rains and direct sunlight
  • To maintain less traditional aesthetic, pergolas contain arched roofs rather than flat roofs

Installation tips for pergolas

  • Ensure the area you choose to install your pergola fits it perfectly; therefore, measuring it accurately prior to fixing would be a great idea.
  • Make sure there are no dips and holes in your area and it is levelled so that during rainy times, your pergola may not slice down into the earth.
  • Get permit from your local authorities before you dig post holes, so you do not make any damage to the public’s common utilities.


Pergolas and gazebos may look identical in appearance but they are not the same. But the materials you choose to build any of them go similar according to your preferences. If you are still confused between which one to choose, contact 800 PERGOLA, one of the best pergola and gazebo service providers who can give you guidance by viewing your outdoor area. Call them at 055-380-5148 for a free appointment.

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