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Top 4 Reasons Why You Need to Install Pergola in Your Backyard


There are plenty of reasons that people believe in installing pergola on their property before the winter arrives.  Installing pergola on your property can help you with providing enough light shade to make your winter even more pleasant and make your afternoons more enjoyable. Building such pergolas increases the quality of time you spend with your family and extremely relax as well.

Even restaurants and several other organizations prefer installing a pergola that improves the time spent by customers and in one way helps increase their sales. In this blog, we will see what reasons cater primarily to installing a pergola in your backyard.

 The pergola helps you beat the heat

Your backyard is surrounded by a nice breeze during the winter but if you want to enjoy the breeze under the summer shade; installing pergolas in your outdoors can give you enough shade to chill and relax. Prominently, it helps to beat the sun’s rays and provides you with great relaxation while at home or the office. You can easily escape from your usual or boring indoors and spend pleasant time with family and friends under the pergola.

 Pergola is your backyard picnic spot.

Installing a pergola in your backyard can be cost-effective and with multiple benefits at one shot. Can plan a sudden/planned get-together if you have a pergola since it can give you more and private space to enjoy your party. You don’t have time to spend with your family and want to have lunch/dinner together at home; even then you can do a wonderful arrangement under a pergola.

Family and Friends can spend their leisure time alone counting the stars in the sky and make your evenings so pleasant. We can even arrange some light music or DJ and invite your friends or spend time with family and make it a memorable moment. Might be a workaholic and may have missed out on taking your partner to a candlelight dinner date, but having a pergola at home does not allow you to miss the chance.

 Pergolas serve as a home office and create aesthetic value

If you are workaholic and have the habit of bringing work to do at home, then pergolas can be your best place to work peacefully in a home-office kind of environment. You will find yourself working more efficiently and actively than you do at office, when sitting under the light shade offered by your pergola. Pergolas make you feel your weekend office work light and let you work along with sufficient resting as well.

A pergola is just not an architectural shade built to overcome your hot weather but at the same time, can add beauty to your property a level beyond your imagination. It is a pride to your living space when you get guests visiting your place as well.

 Pergolas add value to your property and allow privacy

If you have a pergola at home, you can add 20% more to the value of your home. Though pergolas are easy and not really costly to install, it offers huge benefits to you in terms of the increased value of your home or building. Even if you don’t sell it, your guests/ employees/clients find it too attractive to spend ample of time in the pergola space.

Pergolas are of different designs but mostly will be an open space with a well-built roof and side architecture. It provides the required privacy to meet your friends or clients or the perfect space to conduct quick or confidential meetings as well.


More than these top reasons, you can install pergolas for making it your Barbeque/dining, develop a simple garden around it, and can be built with different materials. If you wish to know more details about pergolas and its types, and designs, either leave us a comment or if you want to install pergolas at your home or commercial building, contact 800PERGOLA at 055-380-5148.

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