Pergola and its Purpose- All You Need to Know


Many of you might have a big space surrounded by perfect landscaping everywhere. Still, you may feel that something is missing and not giving you a complete feel of living in that place. A perfect backyard or outdoor needs pergolas and can be the best fit for your widely spread area, which could be a residential/commercial building.

What are these pergolas and how can add value to your backyard? Let’s look in detail at pergolas and their purpose in this blog.

Pergolas are outdoor structures that can be fixed anywhere outside your premises such as in backyards, gardens, porches, and even on doorways. It can be customized according to your outdoor and come with unique architecture to add some charm to your house or building. The patio has a roofing grid made of rafters and beams which are supported by columns.

Pergola gives you a nice resting area and can be a private space with good shading in the mid of the landscape. These pergolas can be used as a shady walkway, partial shelter, the best place for growing decorative vines, plants, flowers, etc., and many other creepers bearing fruits.

Though pergolas were popularly built in European gardens and walkways during the 16th century, they become more popular in Italy, France, and even ancient Egyptians started building this architecture in their gardens cultivating grapevines and many other plants, after the Renaissance.

The general structure of pergolas looks small and different from Gazebos, Arbour’s, and other architectural designs.

Purpose of having a pergola

If you have a backyard or a walkway, it looks more stunning and striking with a pergola than the one it is without. Generally, pergolas are well-known for garden designs and walkways for providing strong vertical support. Apart from offering shading and frame views, there are more uses for having pergolas.

Shading a garden

If you have a walkway that is left uncovered, it may turn out quite hot during the summer. Therefore, pergolas can give you a great way to add shade to the place where it is too hot in your backyard. If you want pergolas to make over your garden, you can choose a specific spot and design it accordingly.

If you want to attach climbing vines and flowers to pergolas, once you let it grow well, it takes the entire frame of the pergola, and sooner you start experiencing the cool shades while you stretch under the pergola.


People these days look for creativity in walkways and expect them to be stunning, for their homes and recreational resorts. You can also create a long dark tunnel that does not tell you where it takes but finally, you see an entrance. With pergolas, you can build such mystery architecture and make a great walkway.

Additional garden space

You can hang your own choice of plants in pergolas since it provides you an open latticework. It also allows you tune creepers and other plants to create a unique shape for your pergolas. Climbing plants and vines can also be a good option to grow on pergolas. You get a natural ceiling look with these climbing plants and creepers when taken from the ground and surrounding pergolas lovely.

Privacy in an open garden

One great way to build a private area in an open space of the mid of the landscape can be done by building pergolas. Not many like to be in between people and may look for a private area to get some personal space. Pergolas can be erected using drapes, latticework, or screens, which provide some privacy to the space you have occupied.


Hence, pergolas can change the way you look at the outdoor space of your home or building and impress you with wonderful and well-built architecture. There are different types of pergolas to choose from according to your idea and building/landscaping style, which we will see in our further blogs.

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