How can 800PERGOLA create value in your house’s backyard?

How can 800 PERGOLA create value in your house’s backyard

The pergola is one of the most iconic ways for home and garden enthusiasts to add style and sophistication to a property. The pergola, which provides stylish shade in the summer and elegant cover in the winter, is an accent that gives a home true character.

Even better is the value a covered wooden pergola or outdoor aluminum pergola can add to your home. If you ever think of selling your home and want to add an element of grandeur to it that will dramatically increase its value.

You can also add a backyard wooden pergola or garden aluminum pergola to your outdoor space to improve its appearance. Whether your pergola is a standalone structure or an extension of an existing veranda, it will provide years of enjoyment while also increasing the value of your home when it comes time to sell. Let’s figure out how 800PERGOLA can create value for your house’s backyard by installing a pergola:

Don’t have enough money to build a large covered patio? Install a pergola with the help of modern pergola developers in one corner of your deck for additional shade and privacy. The outdoor aluminum pergola at the far end of the deck is ideal for entertaining and dining guests while also giving the sprawling deck a more intimate look and feel.

  • Off the Hook

Hang potted plants around the perimeter of the small wooden pergola to take colorful blooms to the next level. Attach small metal hooks to the rafters, then attach steel wire hangers to plant pots through holes drilled into the pots’ sides and hook the hangers to the hooks. As the pergola will limit sun exposure, choose plants that thrive in the shade, such as begonias or dead nettle.

  • Far Off Fun

No rule says an outdoor pergola has to be next to the house! Feel free to place one in a secluded area a few paces away from home. A small wooden pergola installed beneath a large tree provides shade and plenty of space for guests to play during the day. Meanwhile, oversized lounge chairs and bright outdoor lighting ensure comfort and safe patio navigation after dark.

  • Symphony for Strings

Lantern-style string lights with festive multi-colored bulbs will brighten your next summer soiree. All thanks to the best Pergola designers in Dubai for bringing life to the innovative pergola ideas to enhance the house’s value. You need to run a metal tension wire along the pergola beams and secure it with screws to get the party started. Then, using cable ties, connect the individual lanterns to the wire. Plug the lights into a nearby outlet, and there you have it—fun illuminated!

  • Training Day

Can’t withstand the heat? For natural shade, train vines to climb over the roof of an outdoor aluminum pergola. Choose twiner or grabbing climbing vines like wisteria or sweet pea, which wrap their stems around structures quickly, and then tie the vine stems to pergola posts with twine to encourage upward growth. Tie the upper branches of the vines to the beams when they reach the roof to enable them to grow across. You will soon be relaxing under a cool canopy, thanks to expert pergola developers!

  • Splash Out

Convert a backyard wooden pergola into a pool house with water-friendly furniture and an in-ground hot tub—the setting will be as popular in the winter as it is in the summer. Combining wood with other natural materials like stone and brick on a patio increases the welcoming factor and the house’s value. You can also add more features to the idea by reaching the best Pergola designers in Dubai.

  • Small yet Striking

Is your yard small? Not a problem! The small wooden pergola is only six feet square, but it includes a built-in trellis for climbing vines, a bench for relaxation, and stealth storage (stow garden tools or other gear underneath). It is a great idea to put it just beyond the walkable yard area, where it will not get in the way of romping kids and pets.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity!

Need some shade, privacy, or drama in your backyard? Consider adding a backyard wooden pergola or garden aluminum pergola to it with the help of 800PERGOLA experts. Interested in enhancing the value of your Villa’s backyard, connect with us now!

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