6 Tips for Modern Pergola Design

 6 Tips for Modern Pergola Design

Is there something missing from your backyard?

Maybe you have been desiring to spend more time outside but haven’t figured out how.

Or maybe you want to add some visual interest to your backyard but aren’t sure where to begin.

Adding a modern pergola to your outdoor space is a simple way to accomplish all these aspirations and more. These sleek structures add style and functionality to your backyard. A well-designed modern pergola not only adds value to a home but also provides a relaxing space to unwind.

So, are you excited about modern pergola installation and designs?

But before that, you should be aware of the following tips to be followed for modern pergola designs:

If you have a patio area right next to your house, consider covering it with a modern thermowood pergola that attaches to your house. You can use a color palette similar to your home to make the attachment feel seamless. Using a wood (or wood-colored metal) complements the yellow of the roof, making it all look like a unified whole.

  • Dark and Delightful

The modern pergola’s clean lines and dark finish make it a fantastic addition to any outdoor space. You can spend most of a pleasant day outside with a table and an oversized couch. A black pergola will also look best with any furniture. Choose furniture that can withstand rain, heat, dust, sun, and other climatic mishaps. It should be sturdy and functional and not take up too much space in your modern pergola.

  • Work With Windows

Building your modern small wooden pergola directly off your house lets you quickly see what’s going on outside from the inside. If your windows face the outside, you can still enjoy the scenery without having to spend every second outside. All thanks to modern pergolas. Also, if you want an excellent outdoor DIY project, creating your modern pergola design will allow you to express your creativity. The possibilities are endless.

  • Real and Rustic

Want to add a rustic touch to your modern aluminium pergola UAE design? Wood with many natural knots and exposed metal studs on the outer joints lend a woodsy feel to your outdoor space. This wood tone complements the weathered brick of the house. Sometimes you get even luckier when your modern pergola matches the weather outside.

  • Use Alternative Materials

Another tip for creating a modern outdoor aluminium pergola design is to substitute steel or wrought iron for wood. Some people like to combine the present and the past by building the frame out of steel and combining it with timber slats. Another twist is that some homeowners are choosing to roof their structures.

  • Raise the Roof

Your modern pergola does not have to have a flat roof. The traditional aluminium roof pergola can make your structure feel homier from top to bottom. But even one extra beam will allow you to build a bar, so you can have happy hour even if it isn’t 5 o’clock. With the addition of BBQs, you can create that outdoor restaurant vibe any time of year.

Things to Consider before Modern Pergola Installation

  • Permits and Permissions: 

As local building codes vary by region, the first step is determining whether a permit is required to install a pergola. If a city permit is not required, approval from your homeowner’s association may be required. Unless there is some electrical wiring involved, permissions are usually not necessary.

  • Underground lines: 

Before digging holes for the pergola posts, make sure to avoid electrical and fiber optic cables and sewage, water, and gas pipelines. Almost every city has a phone number that you can call to request utility companies to come and mark the lines so they can be avoided.

  • Frost line: 

If you live in a frost-prone area, contact the local building code department to find out the average frost depth in the area. If the post holes are dug more profoundly than the frost line, the posts will not be pushed out of the ground when the frost thaws.

  • Design: 

After determining the basic requirements, it is time to create a plan and design. First, the location and amount of space must be determined. Following that, design elements such as the roof shape, shape, size, and placement of the crossbeams and rafters are developed.

Get your Modern Pergola Installed!!

Whether your outdoor space requires some privacy, shelter, or added charm, a well-designed modern pergola can be your solution while remaining cost-effective and relatively simple to install. A diverse range of creative modern pergola design ideas can help complement any visual theme or perform any meaningful purpose.

While these structures are beautiful additions to any home (for both functional and aesthetic reasons), 800PERGOLA understand that their classical appearance is often unsuitable for modern homes. That’s why we shared tips for creating your modern pergola design. For more such tips and ideas, contact our modern pergola developers, who will be able to assist you in making the ideal design for your classical and contemporary homes.

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