Best Pergola Ideas to Keep Cool This Summer

best pergola idesa to keep cool this summer

A pergola can be a chic way to entertain and enjoy your outdoor space without sacrificing comfort or budget. In fact, you don’t have to worry about cityscapes or country abodes as there are different pergola designs to suit every space. These numerous pergola ideas aren’t just a designer’s fantasy but tailored according to the individual’s choice. Whether you want a no-frills space to enjoy a cocktail and a moment of peace or an island getaway in your own backyard, the best Pergola designers in Dubai will definitely have something for you. 

Let’s explore the best pergola ideas to keep cool this hot and steamy summer:

Corner Cabin Style Pergola with Lantern

This pergola’s rustic design is inspired by the unfinished wood of summer vacation cabins. It creates a sheltered nook with a small wooden pergola for a comfortable conversation area. The woven textures can further add contrast and pattern while keeping the color scheme neutral. Additionally, the large cast-iron lantern provides a striking and appropriate focal point for the room.

Awning Style Garage Pergola

This awning pergola makes a bold statement above your garage door. It does not have support columns reaching the ground, unlike most pergolas. On the other hand, this outdoor aluminum pergola is attached to the garage wall. The presence of the support posts as suggested by the growing of vines on both sides of the door.

Geometric Harmony Freestanding Cubic Pergola

This cube-shaped pergola can create a shaded outdoor room for nature lovers. The covered wooden pergola’s two slatted walls, one with a door-like entrance, define the space. The charcoal grey wicker furniture can further add a contrasting texture and color, while the white pillows and flooring can add a bright note.

Picnic Wooden Pergola Setting

This wooden garden pergola with a roof provides shade for the picnic area while also providing a panoramic view. The style of the porch pergola is reflected in this detached pergola. The natural look of the picnic chairs, tables, and flooring in the picnic area, as well as the seating in the porch area, connects the spaces. The openness encourages picnickers to come and go as they please.

Island Thatching Pergola Cover

If you fantasize about visiting Tahiti or Polynesia, sitting under this pergola will make you feel like you’re already there. The pergola’s arched roof is made of thatch. The open wicker furniture can add to the island vibe, but add tropical plants like potted palms, bird of paradise, orchids, or plumeria to complete the island look.

English Garden Lattice Pergola

With this airy thermowood pergola, you can transplant yourself to an aromatic English garden. The roof slats support the large opening lattice, while vines climb a trellis with smaller openings at the back as a backdrop. Additionally, gather chairs around a coffee table for conversation, tea, or a garden party.

Corner Retreat Pergola with Suspended Lamps

This backyard wooden pergola provides comfortable bench seating for your garden while also supporting your garden by giving vertical space at each end of the bench for staggered planters. The colorful pillows tossed onto the white cushioned seat and back of the bench echo the garden flower’s colors, adding to the nook’s cheerful appearance.

Paradiso Dream Pergola with Daybed

If you want to sleep outside, day or night, this pergola provides the necessary shelter. A thatched roof provides protection, and airy white tiebacks can be removed for privacy. Turn on the sparkling LED lights wrapped around the pergola’s side and cross support at the front for a magical, dreamy space to enjoy the night.

Moonlight Drive Parkside Pergola

This sleek, contemporary black pergola will illuminate the sidewalk from your driveway to your house. Attach lights to the slats and place a clear cover between them to provide rain protection. Lighting fixtures in the planter and on the posts beside the driveway provide additional light as guests enter your home.

Orchard Ambiance Thatched Pergola

A thatched roof shades this pergola’s dining area, but cables rather than slats hold up the thatch. You can extend the cables beyond the thatch to support vines that grow up the front posts of the pergola, transforming it into a trellis. The cheerful orchard theme can also continue with bright lemon and lime-colored accessories.

Charming Decktop Pergola Swing

The relaxing feeling of swinging on a swing is the ideal complement to this airy pergola. The swing’s woven seat can also be tasseled. Heavy ropes can secure the seat to the pergola’s roof, and throw pillows can add texture, pattern, muted color, and a relaxed feel. Additionally, the billowing tiebacks can heighten the sense of lightness, freedom, and flight.

Wrapping Up!

Summer will be here, with warm temperatures, cool nights, outdoor barbecues, and new vegetable gardens. But is your pergola ready for all the excitement? If you enjoy and love spending time outside during the summer but are afraid of sweltering and humid days, now is the time to consider your cooling options. Contact the best Pergola designers in Dubai, i.e., 800PERGOLA, to keep your pergola cool this summer, ranging from using misters to installing a patio cover. 

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