7 Ways to Beautify your Aluminium Pergola


As the season of sitting outdoors and relaxing in nature’s lap is here, it is time for you to pay a little attention to your boring aluminium pergola UAE.

Pergolas are lovely garden structures that are generally made of wood or metal. These days, metals specifically aluminium pergolas are gaining widespread popularity. It is because they create a light and airy dimly lit hallway with a shade that may be used as a pathway or a sitting place requiring very little maintenance.

But how can you make your space look stunning and catchy?

Well, you must consider the three major touch points or elements for your monotonous outdoor aluminium pergola to achieve that level of beauty and give it a fresh look:


From Chinese chandeliers to fairy lights, there are a plethora of lighting options that may both adorn and enhance the functioning of your pergola. You may remain entertaining beneath your pergola even after the sun sets with the correct lighting.


Plants are a feature common to pergola design ideas as they can also provide support to the climbing vines such as wisteria, which can be destructive or invasive if planted on their own. Pergolas are also a great place to put hooks for hanging plants.


Comfortable seats, grills, and coffee tables are all common features of pergolas. The style of your outdoor design might be carried by the design of your pergola accessories. For a country or western aesthetic, rustic furniture is ideal, whereas sleek furniture is ideal for a modern atmosphere.

Ideas to redecorate your aluminium pergola in Dubai

While the above-mentioned points only offer an overview of decorating and uplifting the look of your backyard, here we have the top seven ways using which you can accentuate your aluminium pergola design in Dubai.

Decorate with curtains and string lights:

A combination of soft coloured curtains and string lights can create a wonderful backdrop for your aluminium pergola with roof. Although string lights are commonly used these days for decorating the patio space, blending it with another element would make things look more elevated. Not just that, using curtains will also create an essence to your private space.

However, remember to use a weather-friendly fabric that can offer a fancy look yet keep you within your budget. For lights, always ensure to use soft lighting which is bright enough for spending a romantic evening outdoors.

Hang a hammock or Swing:

Do you want to add seating to your pergola? Try a swing. It will complement your other patio furniture and provide a nice spot to relax. If you want, you can also incorporate a hammock. It will have your patio space to be all about resting with a drink of lemonade and a nice book. Install your hooks on two sides of your pergola, and then spend the remainder of your summer weekends hanging out.

Create a green space around you:

How about transforming your patio into a greenhouse? You can add to the illusion by growing vines or even strawberries over your garden aluminium pergola if you already have potted plants on your patio. They’ll provide you with a cool, dark location to relax away from the sun.However, if your aluminium pergola is small and completely contained, you can install planters around it. You may use them to grow herbs, succulents, or any other type of vegetation you like.

Keep the harsh sun out with awnings:

When it comes to shady locations, add a retractable awning to your patio to keep you and your kids cool on those hot summer days. This is an excellent focal point for any garden where you can install aluminium roof pergola, and you can enjoy inviting family and friends outside this summer.Instead of waiting until the sun sets, you may now enjoy a picnic for lunch.

Dine out with friends and family outdoors:

An aluminium outdoor pergola may provide adequate protection for your gadgets from the weather, irrespective of the size of your desired outdoor kitchen. Many individuals use the area beneath their pergolas for alfresco dining. Consider putting a chandelier above your table if this describes your pergola. It will greatly assist you in achieving your alfresco eating goals.

Utilize your large yard with a fire pit:

If you have a large yard and want to enjoy entertaining accompany, you can have swinging chairs for everyone around a fireplace and have your friends and family over drinks and late-night discussions over the bonfire. You can also keep the top of the pergola totally open, allowing you to spend your time together while gazing up at the sky above you.

Deck up with lanterns:

This is a wonderful concept for summertime pergola decoration. Paper lanterns can be added for a special event or as a permanent fixture in the room. Dinner will be served under a beautifully adorned pergola, which will quickly become your friend’s favourite gathering location. You can also add wisteria as they collaborate to make a standard pergola into something entirely unique.

Wrapping Up!

The best way to make the pergola appear like a foundational element of your landscaping is to decorate it. While many pergolas are made to be used in conjunction with vining plants that grow over the pergola to create a living canopy, there are others with come with retractable roofs. You can connect with 800PERGOLA, one of the top-most aluminium pergola developers in Dubai to get the most perfect aluminium pergola for your space, matching your aesthetics and landscape.

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