Which Pergola Designs with Roof suits your Space?


A pergola is widely recognizable by everyone as typically made of teak wood but can also be made of sturdy stones, with 4 columns supporting a slatted top. They provide shade, structure, and privacy to any outdoor space, making them ideal for seating areas. You can easily convert such spaces into a garden bar or kitchen. But there are multiple options when it comes to pergola designs with roofs.

A pergola is an open structure with 4 support beams and a fancy roof design, such as a lattice. Unlike other backyard accents, wooden Pergolas do not typically have a protective roof because their primary purpose is not to protect the users.

You can also install screens on the walls and roof of your outdoor living space-covered pergola to offer shade and protection from the elements. People frequently look for pergola designs with roofs to find the best way to cover the open area of their pergola during adverse weather.

Pergola Designs with Roof

Stone Pergola

A stone pergola is a timeless option that looks great with complementary outdoor decor. If your area is prone to inclement weather, a little more shelter overhead may be in order.

Consider buying some climbing plants to form a canopy of fragrant blossoms around your stone pergola and on pergola designs with roofs. Roses, jasmine, and honeysuckle are perfect for a romantic, cottage-garden look and will add a romantic touch to any outdoor seating area or pathway. You can also make a stone pergola appear larger by laying natural stone paving underneath it.

Retractable Canopies

Retractable roofing is a modern and practical pergola design alternative because it allows you to enjoy the full pergola experience while also retracting the roof as if it never existed.

It begins as an outdoor living space covered pergola, protecting larger areas from the elements. This option is also available in motorized versions, which eliminates the need for manual labor every time you seek to relax in your pergola. This type of setting is ideal for protecting a hot tub or a comfortable sofa from the elements.

Fabric Covering

Most Dubai homeowners choose water-resistant materials to add a layer of protection from the sun and rain to the space below. Pergolas of this type are made of long-lasting fabric stretched across the rafters. To complement the aesthetic appeal of your space, you can install a simple fabric or a printed material.

The main issue with these pergola designs with the roof is that water, dirt, and debris can cause mildew or mold to grow on the fabric. This is frequently impossible to remove, requiring the installation of new panels.

Aluminum Pergola

Aluminium pergola with the roof can also be used in cities such as Dubai with harsh weather conditions. These outdoor aluminum pergolas last longer than other materials but are not as popular because of their appearance. To make the aluminum structure more appealing, you can have it painted or covered in another material. However, many of these options are not sustainable and thus are not recommended.

Bamboo Pergola

To give your pergola a rustic appearance, you can design and install an overhead framework made of bamboo canes. If the pergola is installed on a pathway, you could fix these canes over trees instead of stone pillars. Over time, these tree branches will crawl on the bamboo net, creating a green shade over the pathway.

Such elements could give your garden or backyard a more natural feel. You can also use bamboo and other natural materials to create one-of-a-kind pergola designs attached to a house.

Pergola Designs With Roof: What to Choose?

Pergola designs with roofs have a certain elegance to them. More importantly, they offer function and durability, the latter of which is heavily dependent on the roof’s material.

Based on the weather in your area, decide what is best for you. Aluminium, for example, is an excellent material for pergola roof designs. It is suitable for almost any design. These can be best because they can be easily illuminated with recessed spotlights and can provide support for other design ideas. A pergola combined with natural wooden flooring can also add visual interest to your outdoor space.


Design is about more than just creativity; it is also about logic. When selecting a roof, consider how frequently you will be using your pergola shades and at what times of the year. The incredible option for your home is determined by your specific design aesthetics as well as what you need for maximum functionality. However, if you decide to install such pergolas at your home, 800PERGOLA, Dubai’s leading pergola supplier is the best place for the best quality and roof pergola designs.

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