What Makes 800PERGOLA’s Services Unique?

What Makes 800PERGOLA's Services Unique

In a city with a constantly changing skyline, the pergola has become an essential component for Dubai’s residential and commercial properties. Whether it is a new development or a landmark building from the past, the addition of an architectural pergola creates balance and character to any project. In addition, it provides additional shade on hot summer days while still allowing for natural light to illuminate. Altogether, pergolas not only make properties more exciting but also bring the outdoors inside.

Choosing the right pergola developer in Dubai is imperative for ensuring that your project is completed properly and on schedule. When choosing a pergola developer, there are many factors to consider, including experience, location, and price. Once you’ve considered all these factors, the final decision should be easy.  One such pergola contractor in Dubai that helps you meet all your requirements and create your dream pergola in a short turnover period is 800PERGOLA.

Let us know what makes 800PERGOLA company the best in the industry and their services unique.

Beauty meets functionality

At 800PERGOLA, our main goal is to construct pergolas that are not just beautiful but functional too. We don’t believe in constructing pergolas just for the sake of its visual aesthetics. In contrast, we try our best to make each corner pergolas functional by imparting a utility feature per the residents’ requirements. Being an experienced wooden pergola developer in Dubai, we are well aware that pergolas might easily rupture and lose their beauty over time, especially if left unused and maintained. So, considering these characteristics of pergolas, our sole aim is to construct easy-to-maintain pergolas that can be used for multi-purposes.

With experience comes great expertise

The 800PERGOLA company is one of the ancient pergola contractors in Dubai. Our experience in the industry dates back to more than a decade. Therefore, we have seen all the trends in the industry come and go. Moreover, we have gained expertise in constructing all types of pergolas, beginning from the traditional wooden pergolas to modern CNC-cut and retractable pergolas. So, unlike any other pergola developers in Dubai, we have expertise in various pergola construction types. In addition, we are also experts in renovating ancient or traditional pergolas in your backyard.

Customization made easy with flexibility and versatility

Do you have any dream pergola designs or ideas? If yes, you should let your pergola developers know your plan or ideas beforehand because not all pergola developers can execute your ideas as it is. However, at 800PERGOLA, we always are open to experimenting with new ideas. Moreover, customer satisfaction remains our utmost priority, and we are always open to their ideas. In addition, our team is experienced enough and equipped with all the necessary and latest pieces of equipment to meet your requirements and build your dream pergola. We even have skilled CNC-cut pergola developers in Dubai on our team to serve your demands.

Maintenance is taken care of

As one of the popular aluminium pergola developers in Dubai, we are well aware of how difficult it can become to meet the maintenance requirements of pergolas. So, we have expanded our arena of services to maintenance services as well as renovation services. That means you no longer have to be hesitant to build pergolas in your backyard, being frightened about its maintenance needs. We are always a call away to do maintenance works for your pergola to keep it fresh and study as a newly built pergola.

A complete outdoor solution

With 800PERGOLA Company beside your side, setting up your outdoors can’t get any easier. In addition to pergola construction, maintenance, and renovation works, we also provide a complete range of pergola accessories, including curtains and other decors. Moreover, we also have good quality garden benches and artificial grasses in-store to make your landscapes beautiful and attractive. So, you now know where to go to set up your pergola and landscapes.


Do you have more doubts or confusion about choosing pergola developers in Dubai? Obviously, you don’t! For so many reasons, you really got no better companion than the 800PERGOLA company for setting up your landscape with a pergola in it. Get yourself connected with the 800PERGOLA team today and start planning your dream landscape today.

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