Top 3 Trending Pergola Ideas for Backyard in Dubai

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Do you want to add a stunning look to the backyard of your home? One of the best choices you have is to construct a Pergola. They are an ideal combination of function and style with embedded beauty. Moreover, they offer excellent flexibility in terms of size too. Designing a fitting Pergola for your backyard can change the way your home looks. Here are 3 Trending Pergola Ideas for Backyard in Dubai.

The origin of Pergola probably dates back to ancient Egypt. Therefore, it is imperative to say that a Pergola was always considered an essential structure for a spacious home. A good Pergola is the one that can be the focal point of your backyard. Moreover, it can gradually become a hub around which you can plan your outdoor entertainment and fun parties with your friends and family.

What can a Pergola for Backyard in Dubai be made of? 

Though wood is the most popular material used for constructing Pergolas, other materials such as vinyl, aluminum, steel, algumwood, and wood-plastic can also be used in recent times. Each of these Pergolas comes with a uniqueness of its own. Depending on the budget, you can choose anyone to construct a Pergola for your backyard that will complement the overall design and looks of your home. 

What can be Fascinating Pergola Ideas to beautify your backyard? 

There are endless Pergola design ideas that you can opt for. However, always ensure to consult the leading Pergola manufacturers in Dubai before selecting the best Pergola design for your backyard. 

Some great Pergola ideas for your backyard

DIY Pergola

If you have a limited budget, you can choose to build a brick-and-mortar Pergola.  It can be used as a structure for the climbing plants too. This will not only give your home a soothing green look but will also decorate your garden with untold beauty. You can further decorate it with climbing roses, vines, snapdragons, and morning glory plants. 

While designing the Pergola with plants, do not forget to add hanging baskets on the Pergola as they will add to the beauty of the construction. This is a low-budget Pergola that will not burn a hole in your pocket and yet give your home outdoor a cool and decorative look.

Hybrid Pergola

A hybrid Pergola is a combination of a freestanding open space construction with that of an attached patio-like structure. There is no overhanging on one side of the Pergola, making it unique in its look and feel. If you have limited space in your backyard, this is an ideal Pergola for your home. If you have a corner space in your backyard, a hybrid Pergola will fit there well and look beautiful too.

Slatted Pergola

A Pergola designed with wood slats is trending worldwide. The Pergola columns hold up the structure, and the slats on top give the Pergola a curving shape. This Pergola is ideal if you are looking for light and air in your backyard. The beauty of this Pergola is very laidback and tropical in style. You can also add some sofas and cushions within this Pergola structure, and voila, it becomes a favorite cozy corner for all the family members!


A Pergola is a building structure that you can add to your backyard and give it a look of pizzazz. Adding a dash of creativity with some colorful lightings and cozy seating arrangements will completely transform your backyard look. The only need is to approach an expert like 800PERGOLA to convert a place as the most relaxing and luring. Call our experts at 055-380-5148 for free consultations and enjoy stargazing at night and sunbathing in the afternoons. Imagine the scene; it is pure bliss!

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