The Purpose of Pergolas: History and Current Needs

The Purpose of Pergolas: History and Current Needs

With the evolution of technology, many inventions have also been brought up in the pergola constructions. Traditionally, pergolas were those outdoor structures used mainly to grow climbers, vines, and other shade-loving plants. As a result, pergolas were considered an essential part of garden styling in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Undoubtedly, these pergolas are appreciated in today’s modern architecture, but more for their aesthetic looks than their utility or purpose. In fact, pergolas are used today for various purposes, including outdoor dining spaces, party halls, and even recreational areas.

You can now have a wide range of options in designs and styles to build a pergola as per your taste in your landscape or backyard. Additionally, various materials are now available in Dubai’s market to choose from – different types and textures of wood, aluminium, and vinyl.

Let’s have a look at the journey of the pergolas to reach this level:

Evolution of Pergolas

  • Beginning of the Journey

It has been more than a thousand years for pergolas to be a part of the architecture. Historically, they were renowned as a prominent feature of luxury gardens built in the 19th and 20th centuries. At that time, most people used pergolas as a garden extension to grow their shade-loving plants and style climbers and vines.

Moreover, there were mainly wooden pergolas in ancient times as no other material was prevalent in the market. In fact, there was another set of people who used stone pillars and bricks to construct their pergolas. Since only a few options were available in terms of design and material, that’s why pergolas in Dubai’s space looked the same and similar in every aspect.

  • Today’s Scenario

With the passage of time, the demand for pergolas has also increased dramatically. Nowadays, they are being used as a house extension by the modern generation. In fact, people love to experiment with their pergolas to enhance the beauty of their space and improve their quality of life.

You can now have a large variety of options for your pergola designs with an array of pergola materials that range from different types of wood to fiberglass and CVC. Moreover, experienced pergola contractors in Dubai are open to customizations to make your pergola unique as much as possible.

Purpose and Current Needs of Pergolas

  1. To Add Shade

The primary and traditional purpose of pergola remains the same, i.e., to provide shade. Though you may love to spend some quality time amidst your landscape, you can’t because of the scorching sunlight. That’s why there is a need to contact the best pergola contractors in Dubai to build a pergola in your landscape. These elegant pergolas will provide shade to your space and protect you from the harsh sunlight. You can also move your shade-loving plants to pergola space to nurture their growth. This is for what pergolas have been used traditionally.

  • To Beautify the Space

Pergolas definitely make a tremendous beautifying addition to your space, primarily when constructed by the professional pergola developers in Dubai. You can quickly build pergolas with the help of professionals such that it complements the beauty of your house or commercial space. By playing with the colour tones, you can also try creating a smooth ambiance around your space. Additionally, you can combine numerous accessories like curtains with your pergolas as an ornament to your home.

  • To Improve the Quality of Life

The more space and time you get for rejuvenation, the better will be the quality of your life. You can double your fun by adding pergolas to your personal or commercial space. Whether you’re looking to spend some alone time or throwing away a party for your loved ones, pergolas have made everything easier for you. You can even arrange an outdoor dining area at your pergola to enjoy the yummy meals while watching your favourite movie. Therefore, the pergola makes a perfect super-companion for your space to improve the quality of your life.

  • To Boost the Property Value

Undoubtedly, pergolas are your most valuable assets, making your investment worthwhile. You can even check with any of your real estate friends or brokers. Properties with pergolas are actually sold at a higher rate when compared to the ones without a pergola. Therefore, building pergolas not only beautifies your space but also boosts the value of your property. However, make sure you do it professionally with one of the best pergola sub-contractors in Dubai.


Do you need more reasons to construct a pergola in your private or commercial space? Pergolas are worth every penny without any need for a second thought. They will help you to fulfill your numerous needs that will ultimately improve the quality of your life. They can even feed your soul by doubling the fun and rejuvenation of life. So, why not get yourself connected with a professional pergola developer in Dubai? Connect with the 800 PERGOLA team today to get a free quote to build a pergola in your space.