Pergola: The Superb Way To Add Style And Modern Touch To Your Living Space

Pergola The superb way to add style and modern touch to your living space

Pergolas have traditionally served various purposes, from hanging gardens to shaded walkways to outdoor seating areas. Nowadays, modern materials and decor allow you to design a pergola to suit your needs and style – and there are a few different ways to incorporate them seamlessly into your space renovation.

Though pergolas serve a practical purpose, they also help to create a stylish focal point, which can completely transform the look and feel of your outdoor space. As a result, it’s worth considering how you can style and accessorize your pergola to create a modern and stylish look that complements your space.

Let’s see how pergolas can be used as a superb way to add style and modern touch to your space: 

Beautiful large terraces are ideal for sipping coffee on lazy Sunday mornings or entertaining larger groups of guests. However, if they don’t have any shade, your use of them may be limited to hours when there is no direct sunlight.

You can solve this issue by installing a covered wooden pergola with wide fabric strips on top. This way, you’ll get modern decor for your backyard and stylish shade for your terrace.

  • Romantic Patio Space

Is it your dream to build a cozy, dreamy patio where you can spend hot summer nights? A simple patio pergola can assist you in accomplishing this. A pergola frame and a few finishing touches are all that is required.

Decorating your pergola with soft lights is an essential step in achieving that dreamy, magical look. Try some modern pergola lighting ideas, such as candles, delicate paper lanterns, string lights, curtain LED lights, and so on, with limitless possibilities!

  • Poolside Relaxation Area

Having a pool in your living space is a blessing, but not having a sufficient poolside area where you can relax without getting sunburned can make the entire experience less enjoyable. But thankfully, there is a simple solution: install a modern aluminum roof pergola with tinted panels. A pergola of this type will provide shade and elevate your poolside area. You can also choose some comfortable lounge chairs, giving you a safe place to relax and unwind after swimming.

  • Outdoor Entertainment Area

Do you want an outdoor kitchen as well as a place to entertain your guests? There is no better way to do so than with a small wooden pergola.

Choose the best location in your living space, install a small wooden pergola with the help of modern pergola developers in Dubai, and you’re done. You can add a simple electric grill (or a large barbecue grill if space allows) for easy summer meal prep and some stylish furniture to complete the look. You can also buy some dining chairs and a table to set up a dining area where you can enjoy delicious meals with family and friends.

  • Rustic Porch Roof

Adding a small wooden pergola to your front or backyard porch is the best way to protect it from the elements. Simply attaching a pergola to your house will provide you with an excellent porch cover. Choose a wooden mid-century modern pergola or a similar pergola design that complements your home’s style.

You can also decorate your pergola with soft lighting, rustic wood furniture, large plants in ceramic pots, and so on to enhance the space.

  • Modern Pergola Sunroom

A beautiful white metal pergola can be converted into a sunroom with the guidance of luxurious pergola developers. Attach a white (darker colors may absorb too much heat) metal pergola to your house and add some glass panels on the sides to create an innovative pergola.

You’ll be protected from strong winds and rain and can enjoy your outdoor space for a more extended period. In fact, you can use this space for entertainment, dining, or even as a home office when the weather is favorable. You can also install a retractable roof on top if you want more shade.

Where Should A Pergola Be Placed In Your Space?

Pergolas are a significant investment for your space. So, make sure it’s in a location that will look not only stylish and modern but also functional, so you get your money’s worth. A pergola can be placed anywhere (subject to planning conditions), but keeping it close to your house maximizes your living area while increasing the likelihood of using it frequently.

Furthermore, if you install it over an existing patio or decking – it will not only appear that you are taking up additional space in your living area but rather enhancing an existing area. This is especially important in small gardens with pergolas, as you may want to keep the pergola close to your house. Additionally, a pergola that leans against the side of your house will serve as an extension. It adds space to your home and expands your indoor-outdoor living space.

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