How To Set Up A Gorgeous New Year’s Eve Party Under Smart Pergola 

Smart Pergola Dubai

The countdown to the New Year has begun, and only one thing is more important than watching the ball drop – Celebrating the New Year under Smart Pergola with a Gorgeous Party Theme. Enjoy the perfect event with inspiring champagne toasts, dazzling appetizers, and the very best sparkling decorations at your own home. This is the perfect way to welcome a new year and new possibilities, while also having fun and getting the best view of all the fireworks. Or simply a glittering skyline, which is equally elegant. Let’s begin with the planning of this New Year’s Eve Party under your smart pergola:

Along with lighting, choose a color scheme that complements your smart pergola and home décor while also emphasizing the season you’re decorating for. This will result in an attractive patio that matches your style, whether it’s traditional, modern, coastal or something in between.

Did you know? Smart pergola lighting comes in a variety of styles, from string lights to sconces. When matched up with a ring of greens and some pinecones, seashells, or another favorite decoration, a glass jar with a string of rechargeable lights creates an attractive and cool crown jewel!

  • Complimentary Colors & Decorations

When it comes to color schemes, opt for deadly combinations such as orange and white, green and red, white, and blue, etc., that can be used all year! Whatever your favorite smart pergola decoration colors are, deck out your home in as many as you want.

Though fall or festive holiday colors work in any part of the country for celebrations, you should go for a more tropical color scheme if you live in a sunny warm climate. While there is no right or wrong way to decorate or add beauty to your smart pergola as certain pieces complement a pergola or space better than others.

  • Plantings in your Planter Boxes:

Planting in your planter boxes is another unique way to bring in holiday colors. Consider using artificial greens and blooms as smart pergola New Year’s decorations if you live in a sunny climate. You can even switch it up as the seasons and holidays change.

You can also experiment with bouquets in clear vases that would look beautiful on tables in any color combination for a simple and fresh design element. Even larger arrangements would look perfect in big colorful pots hanging on the front porch or sitting on the back patio next to your smart pergola. If you go to your local farmer’s market to get some fresh picnic or holiday fare, you might find some locally grown flowers or greens that match your theme.

Start Planning your New Year’s Eve Party Now!

Inculcate colors, lighting, and other design elements to make your outdoor space inviting, no matter whether it is shining or any other season. You can also set the mood with battery-operated candles or solar string lights, which can easily add a cozy glow to your smart pergola-covered dining or eating area.

Regardless of how you intend to begin, it’s a good idea to choose a theme before attempting to decorate. Consider a cornucopia with seasonal produce, fresh greens, or mini palm trees with string lights for this New Year’s Eve Party. If none of these ideas inspire you, experiment with your favorite colors and themes!

Undoubtedly, you can experiment with numerous options for stylish decorations and pergola accessories, along with some tried and true ideas for live plantings that you can incorporate into your New Year’s celebrations! But you can also take expert advice from leading smart pergola developers in Dubai such as the 800PERGOLA team to add a unique look and experience for your guests. 

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