How to Set up a “Dining Space” Under your Pergola?


Undoubtedly, pergolas add up beauty to your property along with adding up a space where you can spend your leisure time, enjoying the landscape and nature.

But how about transforming your little space into something functional? Sounds exciting, right?

Well, your pergola can be arranged to incorporate a dining area, making it an ideal spot for leisure and well-being. As a result, you can set things up all year long, greeting your visitors and making the most of every entertaining and inviting location.

But how can you make the most of your space, and what objects should you pick based on the layout of your aesthetic or contemporary pergola? What kind of furniture is best for spending time with loved ones?

Here are a few bright ideas that can help you create a welcoming setting that’s ideal for organizing fun-filled dinner parties in any season.

Furniture- a vital element to creating a perfect dining space

Every pergola is unique. With an extrinsic design to add up the aesthetic value, every pergola is crafted by skilled professionals to act as a perfect liaison between your boring home and exciting nature and its elements. Usually, people add seating for two when it is to act as personal space. But if you are planning to come up with an accommodation dining space for your family, you must go in for a personalized arrangement.

While the design will be strictly governed by the size of your pergola, there are several options on which you still got your hands! You need to consider the type of event. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or supper, your meals will be served in the most comfortable surroundings, with furnishings chosen just for you and fitted to the available area. Depending on the surface space, you can choose your outdoor living room table. It can be square, rectangular, or circular. However, if you don’t have much space, consider folding or stackable seats.

Also, before going furniture shopping for your outdoor dining space, do not forget to ask yourself: Is your pergola big enough to provide room for a play area for the kids? Small tables and chairs, appropriate for your mini-me’s, will offer an area where youngsters can relax and enjoy themselves during your planned meals, regardless of the season.

Decor- something that all eyes seeking personal touch pay attention to

Consider a dining room set-up that is completely unique to you! A café atmosphere, a rustic aesthetic, and a specific context like the Mediterranean, Arabian Nights, etc. The forms, colors, and materials of your numerous ornamental objects will give your pergola a unique feel. Allow your topic to inspire you and be creative! If you have enough room, consider adding a hammock, an outdoor carpet, or even wicker baskets that complement your overall style. The variety of indoor/outdoor décor available nowadays ensures that you’ll discover something to suit your preferences.

Outdoor lighting- you do not want your guests to enjoy their dinner in the dark, do you?

Well if your answer to this question is a big NO, you must pay special attention to the lighting options. Outdoor lighting is an important element in creating a pleasant, personalized ambiance. Exquisite lighting systems for your pergola can aid in the creation of a warm and appealing eating area. Some candles and lanterns, or even a floor lamp, will offer the necessary lighting at night and when the illumination is insufficient.

An outdoor chandelier hung over a tabletop, may quickly create a subdued mood. If the dining area is under a ceiling, consider using built-in spotlights. A garden lamp, which is both mobile and useful, may create a nice ambiance by illuminating the table and chair grouping. As a fallback, a vintage string of glowing LEDs, entwined with the branches of a tree or along the perimeter of a pergola, provides a delicate light source while also beautifying the space in a café style. A lantern-style table lamp, or an oil-fired lamp with a retro antique aesthetic, can enliven a side table. These ideas of outdoor lighting will certainly enhance your time at the table with your family much more delightful.

Creeper and plants- a little greenery has never hurt anyone

Plants are crucial when it comes to creating a dining area on a patio. In the world of outdoor design, the tendency for verticality has grown in importance. A few sprigs of vegetation here and there may provide a welcome aesthetic touch to any room.

You may establish separate zones with a potted wall without totally isolating the eating area. Hanging planters are a good option for compact areas. Plant flowers or bushes in terra cotta or colored pots, depending on your desire. However, keep in mind that nectar-producing plants attract insects and should be avoided around the table. To awaken the senses, train aromatic climbing plants like honeysuckle or clematis. Floral plants, miniature fruit trees, and even scented plants will create a significant difference for your outdoor dining space, giving it a magnificent appearance!

Finally, consider the accessories for your outdoor decor. For cooler evenings, use vibrant pillows and blankets on the seats and couches. If you pick colors that are in unison with the furnishings, this supplementary light will brighten up the area. Scatter candles on the table for meals and desserts to create a cozy ambiance for those dinners beneath the stars.

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