How To Beat The Winter Blues With A Pergola?


Did you ever notice how your mood changes as the days get relatively short? 

Do not worry! You are not alone in this! 

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a kind of depression that affects millions of individuals, also known as SAD. However, the solution is very simple, i.e., Let in more natural sunlight..!

But how can you accomplish this when you are working full time under artificial lights during the day or when the climate is chill and nasty, causing you to hibernate? 

In the dark winter months, it might be difficult for most people to appreciate nature and acquire the sunshine they require. But now with attractive pergolas, you can now defeat the winter blues and stay lively even in the grayest season of the year. 

If you have a regular porch or sunroom, you will have to close it whenever it gets too hot or too cold, and you will be forced to return to your home’s artificial illumination. 

Here in this blog, you will come across some of the most prominent pergola ideas. It would allow you to enjoy all the seasons equally- spend more time in the natural light without facing the wrath of the extreme cold.

Cover It Up: 

Pergolas give lots of shade, but depending on where you put one, you may need to purchase a canopy for the top of the structure. To keep any undesirable material out of your outdoor paradise, you can choose to install a glass screen and enjoy the warm sun. Motorized screens obscure much more than just the sun. They also keep out the wind and the chilled environment. You can also enclose the space with screens to keep the heat in and the cold out of a pergola. 

Add a roof to your porch: 

A pergola with a roof on your porch or backyard not only delivers much-needed shade but also adds architectural appeal. In milder climates, a roof and a heat source may be sufficient to keep your pergola warm, even if the sides remain open. In addition, a roof will shield everything inside your pergola from the weather. This all-black variant also blends in wonderfully with the wooden porch and creates the illusion of more outdoor space. 

Install retractable roofs: 

If you are looking for an option to serve all around the calendar, retractable roofs are the best. You don’t have to force them open since they are operated by a remote. This allows you to change the pergola cover according to the season. During the warmest days of the summer, you may wish to close the roof to keep your patio or deck cooler while during the winters, you can cover your outdoor space and bathe in the warm sun.

Include a Hedge: 

To keep the chilly air out of your pergola, make use of nature. A boxwood hedge will keep the wind out, however, it will take some time to mature. Hedges also give your pergola greater seclusion without compromising its outside appeal.

Use curtains or blinds:  

Did you know that you can also use outdoor blinds or curtains to cheer up your mood? These shades or drapes become the pergola’s “walls.” All thanks to heavy canvas and other waterproof materials. They will keep the wind and water out, but they won’t make you feel as enclosed as real walls would. Plus, after the winter is through, you can open them up and enjoy an open pergola once again.

Heater for Outside: 

Another way out to beat the winter blues is opting for a heater as per your exteriors or taste. Installing an outdoor heater beneath your pergola, especially if curtains or shades are used, will help keep your outdoor environment warmer. For a nice little refuge outside, snuggle up on your garden chairs with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate.

Wrapping Up!

When you install a pergola, it will not only help you to escape the winter blues, but you will also be able to grow plants, fresh, nutritious veggies, and herbs in your space during the fall and winter months. The extra oxygen from the plants is beneficial to your health, and the bright days will cheer you up. You can enjoy your morning coffee, flip through the pages of your book, relax, and feel entertained without being pushed away from harsh chilly winds and the complete outside view by pesky bugs, bothersome pollen, or poor weather. The advantages of sunlight have been conclusively proven: it not only helps to maintain your skin in excellent shape, but it also keeps your body active and your mind healthy. You will also get a lot of appreciation on your fantastic home addition, which is always a good thing with an affordable pergola. The only thing you need amidst these mood swings is 800PERGOLA. Contact their experts right now to get your pergola constructed.

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