How Pergola becomes a Multi-Purpose Addition to your Outdoors?

How Pergola becomes a Multi-Purpose Addition to your Outdoors?

In ancient times, pergolas were used solely as a garden extension to grow shade-loving plants. But now, the story is entirely different. Today’s pergola developers in Dubai have brought versatile designs to the pergola industry that can be customized according to their customer’s purposes. With the increase in options among the pergola materials and designs, the pergola purposes have also been multiplied, ranging from extending the living space of your house to creating a generous outdoor space.

Undoubtedly, pergolas have become an essential outdoor style statement to your residential and commercial properties. But the contribution of pergolas isn’t just constrained to beautifying the outdoors. These structures obviously level up the game of modern architecture with the elegance and style of the spaces. 

Let us see how pergolas make a multi-purpose style statement for your space:

To Extend Living Space

Are you short of your living space? Even if the answer is yes, this is not something new. After a few years of building their house, most people often find their living room short in space. In such a scenario, wooden pergolas can be a great rescue and the most economical solution for extending the living spaces with timeless beauty and classic style.

However, the maintenance of wooden pergolas can prove to be a tedious task. Therefore, it is better to choose those wooden pergola contractors in Dubai who not only provide design and construction services but also complete maintenance services.

To Add Value to your Life and Property 

Pergolas not only add beauty to your spaces but are often considered a luxury. In fact, the design and the material used to construct pergolas in your space tells a lot about your quality of living. For instance, if you have aluminium or vinyl pergolas in your landscape or backyard, this implies that you are leading a luxurious and better quality of life.

Similarly, pergolas are an essential factor that adds value to your property in the real estate market. Yes, you heard it right. Having aluminium or vinyl pergolas on your property will ultimately enhance your property’s selling price. Maybe that is why most aluminium pergola contractors in Dubai now construct these structures even in commercial spaces.

To Provide Shade to your Plants

If you have species growing in your garden from the plant families, such as Calatheas, Begonias, or Caladiums, a pergola can be the best option to protect these plants from the harsh Dubai summers. In fact, these pergolas have a history of more than a thousand years for being used as a garden extension.

Though shade-loving plants can’t tolerate direct sunlight, mild sunlight during early mornings and late evenings is necessary to boost their growth and overall health. That’s why the best option is a retractable pergola that helps you adjust the sunlight getting inside. Therefore, a retractable pergola contractor in Dubai is your ultimate destination if your purpose is to provide shade to plants.

To Create Backyard Party Space or Entertainment Lounge

If you want to create a recreational space either in your residential or commercial areas, pergolas can be your choice again. Nowadays, people use pergolas differently to create an entertainment lounge comprising arcade games, video games, etc., at malls or restaurants. You can also see pergolas being used in the commercial properties to host live musicians, comedians, and other artists to entertain their guests.

Meanwhile, pergolas have also become a hub for hosting backyard parties in residential spaces. In fact, people have also started creating an outdoor kitchen space with CNC Cut pergolas to make cooking more fun by adding kamado grills and other BBQ tools. Therefore, opt for the most experienced CNC Cut pergola contractors in Dubai to add entertainment space to your story. 


Though pergolas can be used for multiple purposes depending on your needs, you can make the most out of it only if constructed well and efficiently. So, all you need is an expert pergola contractor in Dubai.

The 800PERGOLA Company is one such pergola developer in Dubai that provides complete pergola solutions, including maintenance services. They have a team of in-house experts to construct versatile pergolas such as CNC-cut pergolas and retractable pergolas. Get connected with them today and give a complete makeover to your landscape with an addition of a pergola!

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