How Much Does It Cost To Construct a Pergola as per the different Factors?

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Pergolas are a treat to your eyes as well as your house. You may have many reasons to build a pergola. But do the cost intimidate you? Although pergolas are loved, many are scared to give them a try due to their high price.

However, this is the half-truth which is as dangerous as not having the correct and complete information about the pergolas and their cost. The fact is that the pergolas can be installed within your budget by choosing simple designs and appropriate pergola materials. Therefore, before you decide to build pergolas as your budget, you need to know about the different factors and how they affect the construction cost.

What Factors should be looked upon to determine the Pergola Cost?


If you’re also a pergola lover, you have the option to install it either with the help of a pergola developers or to rely on ready-made pergolas. Regardless of the option you chose, you can customize your pergolas in unique designs as per your taste. But the cost of such pergolas varies significantly as per your customization. So naturally, the more complex the design is, the higher the price will be. However, the guidance from a professional pergola contractor can restrict the amount with the best-customized design.


Depending on the pergola material chosen, the overall cost of pergola varies. Whether you chose aluminum, alumawood, vinyl, or wood, each will affect the final tally differently. For instance,

Wood Pergolas

Wood is the most preferred pergola material for its aesthetic appeal, natural look, and versatility. However, Redwood and Cedarwood are the most expensive wood varieties with their own benefits, such as the added style and weather resistance for the high price you pay. It would cost you around AED 7,000 to build redwood and cedarwood pergolas.

On the contrary, you can also choose pressure-treated wood for a pergola to reduce your overall cost while still bringing a natural look. Their price starts at just half of the redwood and cedarwood pergolas i.e. around AED 3,500. In fact, if you spend a little more on pressure-treated wood to wrap a hardwood layer on it, you can have the finished look of Cedarwood without spending much.

Alumawood Pergolas

Alumawood pergola material has changed the game of pergolas entirely. You can enjoy aluminum and wood material perks, i.e., low maintenance requirements with wood luxury. However, you are bound to pay for the luxury you will enjoy. As a result, the total cost of building alumawood pergolas is 25% more than the wooden pergolas but less than the combination of aluminum and wooden pergolas. It will cost you around AED 4,200 for alumawood pergolas that is worth spending.

Aluminum Pergolas

Aluminum material pergolas are the best budget-friendly option, especially when the maintenance costs are concerned. If you’re also among the ones who want to enjoy the pergola shade but don’t like the botheration of repair work, then these pergola materials are meant only for you. In fact, it is the most versatile material you can have for pergolas in terms of a wide choice of different colors and size options. The cost of such pergolas can be around AED 3,000.


Pergolas are generally constructed in standard sizes such as 4X4 meter, 5X4 meter, 6X4 meter, and 7X3.5 meter. Though experienced Dubai pergola contractors prefer building customized size pergolas as per their customer’s needs and requirements, these are the most common sizes of pergolas. As the size of pergolas increases, so will be the increase in the cost of material and labor required. Therefore, the larger the pergola you will build, the higher will be the cost.

Labor costs

Opting for the DIY pergola kits under the professional’s guidance will be counted as one of the best alternatives for labor costs. More than half of the overall cost actually comes from the labor cost to build a pergola. But choosing the DIY pergola kits will help you cut down the installation charges, thereby reducing the overall cost significantly. As per the quote from the best DIY pergola contractors in Dubai, the installation charges as per the size are as follows:

  •  8  X  8  size = AED 4,700*
  • 10 X 10 size = AED 7,200*
  • 12 X 12 size = AED 10,300*



The cost of pergolas is subjective to numerous factors such as size, permits, and many more. You can hardly find any two installed pergolas in Dubai at the same cost. Altogether, you can build pergolas at the common installation price of AED 775 per sq. m. Moreover, the same price can reach up to AED 15,000 as additional dirhams if you choose custom-made pergolas. There are different alternatives available such as ready-made pergolas, DIY kits, etc., to save the dollars but at a compromising cost in terms of quality and taste. In such a confusing situation, the best alternative is to approach 800 PERGOLA. Our team can help you with your pergolas installation at transparent and affordable rates. Needless to say, only professional installation can bring the authentic beauty of pergolas into your backyard.