Envy Your Neighborhood With Smart Pergolas

Envy Others With Your Smart Pergolas

Many homeowners or commercial owners are envious of the picture-perfect patios featured in luxury magazines. The smart pergolas are the best choice for transforming your outdoor space into something stylish and inviting while remaining functional in all weather conditions. Such pergolas will change how you use your outdoor space, whether you want to entertain friends under the stars or envision a shaded spot for relaxing with family or celebrating with your customers.

That’s why there is a need to have the right pergola design. Whether as part of an outdoor living space or a profitable outdoor dining area, your smart pergola can completely transform any space or deck. A smart pergola can be livable in extreme heat and usable during frequent rain showers for homeowners. Likewise, a smart pergola is a reliable revenue source dependent on the customers. 

Do you have a space in your backyard or as part of your restaurant that needs to be updated? If you’re ready to tackle your space transformation, here are some ideas to get you started with smart pergolas:

This is the best smart pergola design for people who enjoy spending their mornings reading. This lakeside pergola model is ideal for homeowners who live near a lake with hanging willows. While sitting in your pergola shaded by ancient willow trees, you can quickly become immersed in the novel you’re reading.

  • Tunnel Pergola

The elongated shape of this pergola’s rafters gives the impression of a tunnel. This style is appropriate for clients who want a large area of their property covered. This can be a welcome relief during sweltering days, especially if you live in a large house and want to avoid congestion inside.

  • Forest Pergola

This smart pergola design is appropriate for a location with many evergreen trees and plants. If you live near a forest and enjoy the beauty of intertwined crawling plants and carpets of falling leaves on the ground while sitting on a bench and listening to relaxing music, then have this style by smart pergola suppliers in Dubai.

  • Bachelor’s Pad Pergola

This style is for you if you are a bachelor looking to add character to your apartment. It provides a canopy for the entire building, allowing you to host parties on your balcony without worrying about the rain. Add some creeping plants to the smart pergola’s posts and rafters to make it even better.

  • Fortress Pergola

This is a heavy-set design made of whole logs, but other durable materials can also be used. Ideal for use as direct support for fencing structures. The best part is that it can carry many crawling plants, including vines that take heavy fruits and vegetables like passion fruit or chayote.

  • Woven Pergola

This provides an excellent place for book lovers to spend their time! Woven materials like rattan grass can be incorporated into this small wooden pergola to improve its aesthetics. Further, the woven pattern can be applied throughout the pergola’s parts, giving it the appearance of traditional Southeast Asian huts, which also have weaving parts.

  • Skating Lane Pergola

Roller skating buddies do not have to compete for space at a crowded skating rink. They can cruise through this area while breathing the fresh air from the flowers and vines. When you need a break from skating, you can sit on the benches beneath the covered wooden pergola and breathe in the oxygen the crawling plants provide.

  • Diner’s Pergola

If you own a hotel or restaurant and want to spice up your outdoor dining area, the dinner’s pergola is a design worth considering. Its canopy allows customers to enjoy their meals without being bothered by excessive sunlight or unexpected rain. Include hanging plants and string lights, and the only thing missing is a good musical band to enhance the diners’ dining experience!

Get your Smart Pergola Installed!

A pergola is more than just a lifeless structure made of wood, metal, or concrete. It has the potential to provide meaningful and enjoyable experiences. Pergola structures have long been associated with cultural practices worldwide,from the Romans to the Chinese and Japanese civilizations and even Southeast Asian islanders. To be part of such a culture, you can try different pergola designs recommended by 800PERGOLA. Such pergola designs include private residences and public areas such as parks to give you ideas for building your ideal pergola.