Do’s and Don’ts of Pergola Cleaning and Maintenance


A vinyl or small wooden pergola is a beautiful addition to your outdoor garden that also serves a practical purpose. Whether it’s a highly ornate bespoke building or a prefabricated timber kit, a pergola will add charm to the environment while also making it seem warm and friendly. Similarly to the beautiful plants in your backyard or the water fountain nestled away in your favorite garden corner, wooden garden pergola with roof or vinyl pergolas also require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure these structures look lively and functional in their best way. 

Why is pergola cleaning and maintenance so important?

Since backyard wooden pergolas or other structures remain exposed to high temperatures and showers 24 hours a day, around the calendar, it’s critical to understand the basics of maintenance to protect your pergola investment. The cleaning solutions and methods utilized will be determined by the material used to create your pergola.

Let’s have a look at the advised dos and don’ts for different types of pergolas in your backyard living areas.


Knowing which cleaners to use while cleaning your vinyl pergola is vital. Cleaning should be done with a basic detergent and warm water, using a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Your Vinyl pergola will look great all year by just wiping away the dirt. Use a melamine foam cleanser to remove stains and scuff marks. You can also use a soft dampened cloth with warm water and wipe off the stains, applying pressure as needed.

Just remember to avoid being too rough with the vinyl, since this may damage the shiny finish as recommended by best pergola suppliers in Dubai. Try an industrial vinyl-authorized solution that is hard on stickier difficulties whenever you come across anything tacky, such as a label, gum, or tar.

Furthermore, if you haven’t kept up with basic proper cleaning and now have a lot of dust and dirt, using a power washer to clean it may be the ideal initial step. However, make sure to set it to a low level for materials such as Vinyl Siding. In fact, it can ruin the vinyl border work, mesh, post skirts, and cuffs if you apply too much pressure.


Maintaining your covered wooden pergola on a regular basis can make it appear good all year. To remove filth and debris, use a multi-purpose cleaner with hot water and a fine bristle brush. You can also use an offered pint of paint with your wooden pergola in Dubai to do touch-ups if you discover cracks and splits in the timber.

On an average, your wood pergola will need to be entirely re-stained every alternative to the third year. However, it is quite remarkable that some pergolas require staining sooner than others and some survive considerably longer. The longevity of your stain is determined by the placement of your pergola. Your stain will stay longer if your pergola is located in a shady region with less direct wind and sun. Your stain will wear down faster if your pergola is exposed to direct sunlight, wind, and dirt.

Consider re-staining your wood structure whenever the stain appears to have worn down. Just apply the stain with a staining brush, attempting to create an equal application all over the pergola as suggested by wooden pergola developers in Dubai. If you have a spray, you could also paint the pergola using it.

But ensure taping off and protecting any surfaces you don’t want stains on, like the terrace floor, furniture, or any vinyl sections on the pergola. Use the 002 low-pressure nozzles on your pressure washer for more aggressive cleaning. Avoid going too near to the wood since too much pressure may harm and ruin it.

Wrapping Up!

As per expert pergola developers, it is essential to keep your pergola tidy and the space surrounding it free from dirt. This will ensure that your investment looks its best for many years to come. These cleaning tips and practices may seem obvious and simple enough to implement, but they are occasionally worth repeating as a gentle warning. Cleaning the winter filth and early in the season dusting off your pergola in the springtime will not only make you smile, but it will help extend the life of your structure.

What it’s all about is preserving your investment and prolonging the pleasure of your backyard. The pergola development company in Dubai such as 800PERGOLA is always delighted to give tips, techniques, and helpful recommendations to preserve your pergola by adding greatness to your outdoor living areas!

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