Does Pergola Add Value To Your Home?

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Now-a-days, every homeowner aims to have a beautiful backyard in Dubai and a pergola is the ideal architectural feature for achieving that goal. Undoubtedly, pergolas are the most beautiful outdoor structure that adds uniqueness to one’s property. But simultaneously, a question arises whether it contributes something towards the value to a property? The answer is BIG YES!! In fact, the amount of value contributed is determined by various factors such as the home’s location, the style of the pergola, and the quality of installation.

Further, as pergolas are open and airy, they provide your space a cultured enchantment without making the vicinity sense small or constricted. Typically, the floor beneath the pergola is crowned with a few types of flooring, whether or not it is concrete pavers, brick flooring, or maybe a deck, which mixes with the pergola’s pillars and beams to in addition outline your outdoor living area.

Since outside dwelling has emerged as particularly popular, the cost of houses in Dubai with pergolas has been on the rise. A secure gauge for an outdoor development or deck is ready to increase 50% to 80% of your ROI. Being said, a house with fascinating pergola will earn a fair higher value whilst imparting the X-element that draws potential buyers into your house.

In a nutshell, when you improve the perceived worth of your house in the eyes of potential purchasers, you are effectively raising property value as it makes your home more appealing. With all of this in mind, let’s take a closer look at how these elements influence how much value a pergola adds to a property!

What are the active factors which determine the value added by a pergola?

Well, there are numerous factors that affect the value added by a pergola in a property. It includes:

Location of the property:

Outdoor house modifications are, without a question, more frequently utilized in warmer areas. So, if you live in a zone with a hot climate, you’ll be more likely to utilize the pergola to seek protection and escape the oppressive heat.  That implies a home buyer looking for a property in such a location can expect to pay more for a home with a pergola than one without.

Type and size of pergola:

The size and design of the pergola you build might have an impact on the value of your home. Pergolas exist in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials used to construct them. Both the installing and maintaining expenses are affected by these factors. As a result, the cost of installing a pergola would always vary based on the type, size, and material chosen. More durable materials, of course, will command a greater price as they enhance the appearance and beauty of a property.

Construction Costs:

The cost of constructing a pergola can vary depending on where you live. Pergolas are in high demand in some places, which drives up the cost of materials. Similarly, in high-end property markets, installing an exterior home modification such as a pergola would require you to delve further into your wallet. However, recouping the expenditures will be simple. A pergola is a terrific method to get the best return on investment when it comes to the demand for house structures of this type in a rising market and the cost of installation vs. value.

How can you get the most of these contemporary pergolas?

While a pergola is one of the more affordable hardscape improvements, the ultimate cost is mostly determined by the size and kind of material utilized. The average cost of a pergola, as per survey, is roughly AED 3,500. A teal or IPE pergola will cost around AED 3,000, a cedar pergola will cost AED 7,000 and Aluminum or fiberglass kit would cost somewhere around AED 4,200. If you’re a seasoned DIY-er, a 10-by-10 pergola kit costs roughly AED 7,200 and can be installed yourself.

While wood is the most popular and elegant alternative, it needs more upkeep. You may have to repaint it, reseal it, or fix the hardware, which will result in continuous expenditures. You won’t have to worry about deterioration or upkeep with vinyl pergolas, on the other hand. When exposed to UV radiation, vinyl pergolas will not peel, crack, splinter, rot, warp, fade, or discolor. Termites and other wood-boring insects cannot infest them, unlike wood pergolas. They also don’t require any upkeep or staining on an annual basis.


It’s critical to think about all aspects of a home remodeling before making a decision. There are many reasons to get install a beautiful and lasting pergola for your patio if you want to improve the aesthetic of your homes outside space. These useful improvements not only increase the value of your house but also make it more pleasurable to live in.

Always keep in mind that the method you use to finance your pergola will have an impact on your return on investment. If you opt for a loan, for example, you will be charged interest, which may negate any possible rise in property value. As a result, before choosing a pergola for your house, it’s important to balance the expenses and benefits.

It is also crucial to keep in mind that, while a pergola may help you raise the list price on a property, the gain won’t be significant. It may raise the home’s value by a few thousand dollars in some circumstances. This is dependent upon whether the pergola is part of a bigger remodeling that either expands or defines your outdoor living space, making it more attractive and inviting.

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