Commercial Pergola Design Ideas That Enrich the Outside of Your Restaurant

Commercial Pergola Design Ideas That Enrich the Outside of Your Restaurant

Do you want to give your restaurant a new look? Do you want to add a pergola to enrich the outside of your restaurant? Well, if the answer to these questions is “YES”, you are at the right place.

800PERGOLA is a leading pergola development company in Dubai, and we have exceptional ideas for commercial pergola designs for your restaurants or cafes to make your business stand out. Pergola shades make the outside of the restaurant more inviting and comfortable.

Here we present 5 kinds of pergolas to increase restaurant value:

Wooden Pergola

Let your customers enjoy outdoor comfort by sitting under wooden pergolas. Redefine the beautiful view in your restaurant’s backyard or front yard with a covered wooden pergola to get better outdoor protection. They are the most affordable of all the pergola styles and come in a variety of sizes and colors to select from. To check with other features of traditional wooden pergolas available, just contact 800PERGOLA. We are one of the best wooden pergola developers in Dubai.

Aluminium Pergola

As aluminum is known to be lightweight material and does not need any extra maintenance, aluminum pergolas are a perfect fit for your restaurant. With custom-made designs, it can be easily installed outside of your restaurant. Aluminum pergolas have many more benefits than other pergolas, like their long lifespan and long-lasting warranty. To get rust-free aluminum pergolas installed, if you are looking for the best aluminium pergola developers in Dubai, 800PERGOLA is surely one of them.

CNC Cut Pergola

There are endless design options available with CNC cut pergolas. To give a unique, beautiful look to your restaurant, you can use laser-cut panels with custom-made designs to fit your requirement. Laser-cut pergolas are also an ideal option for rooftop restaurants. CNC cut design pergola will surely add a decorative touch to your restaurant and enrich the outside of your restaurant. They offer shade on hot summer days and are susceptible to rain and wind too. They are perfect for open backyards or outdoor restaurants as they are designed to protect you from any weather. If not correctly installed, they can be problematic. So, choose CNC cut pergola developer carefully. 800PERGOLA is known to be one of the best CNC cut pergola developers in Dubai.

Retractable Pergola

In winter, open the roof to enjoy the sunshine, and in summer close the roof for shade and a cool effect, that’s the beauty of retractable pergolas. Let your customers enjoy outdoor dining to the fullest, no matter how the weather is. You can control the amount of light, air, or sunrays allowed in your open-space restaurant with the touch of a button. You can cover or open the outside of your restaurant whenever you want. Give an aesthetic look to your regular restaurant with our retractable pergola.

Modern Pergola

Enhance the beauty of your restaurant with stylish yet comfortable modern pergolas. For the best modern pergola design ideas connect with 800 PERGOLA- the modern pergola developer in Dubai. You can choose from a variety of different elements and styles and decide what kind of look you want to give to your restaurant.

Adding elements like a vertical garden, paper lanterns, sparkling lights, and a sound system with a musical band, gives the ambiance and vibes to your restaurant which in turn increases the restaurant’s value.

For more stylish pergola ideas contact 800PERGOLA – a smart pergola developer in Dubai. We are just a click away.

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